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Dr. Jon Swanson - Ministry Director of EM*

Serving Christ's Church through the end of days until our Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering ...

We offer insightful, Word-based counsel as to navigating through these turbulant days.

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Serving His people in Christ Jesus - our sure and eternal blessed Hope - through
*Endurance Ministries and Truth Foundation  appeals ... unto His glory and praise.


Bio on Jon (and Nancy, too) ...

Jon and Nancy Swanson

Director of  Endurance Ministries

In 2013 Jon and Nancy began shifting their college campus ministry to include ministry to churches and Christian ministries.  Now they serve God's Church in Jesus Christ by providing contemporary ministry appeals and biblical counsel to God’s people who live in the days preceding the return of Christ.  A thematic worldview emphasis, calling for practical application in a variety of Christian ministry settings, is the thrust of this effort, one founded on clear biblical truth justifying/warranting ministry action.

During these days just prior to our Lord’s return, Jon's conviction concerning the need for ministry to local church communities who exist in our end-time setting is greater than ever.  Because Bible illiteracy, unbiblical tradition and imbalance within the church today are rampant, Truth-Foundation appeals are needed.

We lack help today in better discerning the times in light of the clear and most precious mandates our Lord has graciously given in His Word.  Jon and Nancy especially seek to minister in this context.  What a day to be living for our Lord Jesus before His glorious return.  We are indeed in harm’s way and we need to better come under His protective instruction if we are to weather the storms of today and the even greater ones in the near future.

Jon says, “We need those who are willing to stand against cultural mandates today which are in complete opposition to the clear revelation of God in His Word, the Bible.  Who will be God's voice today that faithfully speaks His truth in love – much like others of old have modeled?  (see Daniel 1, 3 & 6)  Here we are, Lord, we'll gladly serve.” 

Although Jon grew up in a religious home, he did not commit to Jesus Christ until he was a college student.  It was there that he saw a pressing need for ministry to a culture radically shifting away from Creator God as defined in the 66 books of the Bible.

Nancy grew up an only child - her earthly father having died when she was 2.  By God's grace, He brought her to know her Abba Father when she was 10.  While the Lord has blessed Nancy with many years of ministry in a variety of contexts, she is looking forward to special focus on women's ministries in the years ahead.

Discerning the Lord’s clear leading, Jon and Janice (married in 1980) began training for full-time ministry to collegians who Jon serves to this day.  On December 31, 1996 Janice went home to be with the Lord after a 13-month bout with cancer.  The Lord demonstrated His faithfulness to Jon, Janice, and the kids - Sacha, Sarah and Joshua - during the process of the loss of this precious woman of God.

Years later Jon was blessed by yet another sweet provision from the Lord - Nancy.  They were married in November, 2002. Nancy was the Director of Business at the CB Northwest Ministry Center in Portland, OR until her transition to another support ministry (to the Church) in 2015.  Jon says of this woman:  "Wow, what a precious honor to be co-laboring together in Christ Jesus our Lord!  What a gift from God!"



   B.A. in Christian Ministry from Pacific International College
   M.Div. in Collegiate Ministry from Western Seminary
   Th.M. in Eschatology from Western Seminary
   D.Min. in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary


   B.S. in Business Administration from Edison State College
   M.B.A. of Business Administration from Heriot Watt University