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Welcome to Our  Gifts  Page

(See #10 below for some of our  "BEST Handouts")

Our sincere goal is to be of help to the Body of Christ in the area of fostering
obedience to our Lord’s mandate to His Saints living in the days just prior to His
return.  Thus, we take His words seriously:  “What I say to you I say to all: 
Mark 13:37

Please write to us* (with your donation of $10 toward helping us with shipping costs)
and ask for gifts 1 – 6 below:

Please note:  We can only send gifts to those residing in the continental USA.

1.  Creation DVDs (addressing a theme – Origins – debated during the days of the end)

2.  Time Changer  DVD (a presentation of most important end-time themes)

3.  Amazing Love  DVD (the story of Hosea told in a contemporary setting)

4.  Ray Comfort’s Noah  DVD (another evangelist acknowledging the signs of our time)

5.  Final Prophecies  DVD (God’s prophetic plan is unfolding … today!)

6.  GOSPEL DVDs (pointing to our soon-coming Messiah:  Jesus Christ)

(Yes, you can receive all 6 of the above by simply helping us with postage.)

Our book has been a blessing to many seeking truthful end-time Counsel:

7.   The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction
          To order our book,  CLICK HERE.


Now on-line:

8.  Now The Rapture?  (Part 1)   and   the PRE-release of   
     Now The Rapture?  (Part 2)

     COMING SOON:  Now The Rapture?  (Booklet 3 - The Antichrist Is Here!)

9.  Other web resources sponsored by Endurance Ministries:







    (radio archive site)


10.   Our  BEST  Handouts ...

             This list continues to be  "in progress."  

NOTICE!  Post  ( regarding  communication efforts with you )

          Updated Posts ...

          1.   The  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  Chart     Handout
          2.   The  Day of the Lord  Chart     Handout
          3.   A 3-page Bible Study of Matthew 24     Handout
          4.   Observations from Daniel     Handout
          5.   Waves  of End-Time Chronology     Handout
          6.   The  2nd Wave     Handout
          7.   A Word Study on "Tribulation"     Handout
          8.   Our  We Have A Problem  Outline     Handout
          9.   Confronting Traditions     Handout
                 (e.g., Imminence: NO; Ready Expectancy: YES)
          10.  The Spirit of Antichrist     Handout
          11.  The  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  Resolution     Handout
          12.  Practical Eschatology     Handout
          13.  EM's  Chronological Distinctives     Handout
          14.  Honoring I Corinthians 15:51, 52     Handout
          15.  The  Daily Sacrifices/Offerings  of Daniel     Handout
          16.  Matthew 24:9, 10     Handout
          17.  Postmodernizing the Faith     Handout
          18.  Gleanings from Protagoras     Handout
          19.  Theological Integration     Handout
          20.  It Is Well, with My Soul     Handout
          21.  Why Don't We Run     Handout
          22.  Toward  Batting 1,000     Handout
          23.  Rejecting the Bondages of Dumb-Down     Handout
          24.  10 Bible Reasons to Question Pre-Tribulationalism     Handout
          25.  Exposing the Wolf! Wolf!  Entrapments     Handout
          26.  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  Passages     Handout
          27.  Crucial Applications from the Book of Daniel     Handout
          28.  On Interpreting the Book of Revelation     Handout
          29.  Unfaithfulness Is a Serious Sin     Handout
          30.  Faith & Works Handouts
               A.  A Lesson From our Catholic Friends     Handout
               B.  Our Concise Statement     Handout
               C.  Important Quotes     Handout
               D.  Justification Ticket  Illustration     Handout
               E.   The Life of Abraham     Handout 
31.  A HUGE Expression of Deceit     Handout
          32.  Deception through  Half Truths     Handout
          33.  End Time Bible  Themes     Handout
          34.  End Time Bible  Chronology     Handout
          35.  Helpful Insight for Churches     Handout
          36.  A Question for Dispensationalists     Handout
          37.   No  Date-Setting  Here !     Handout         
          38.  Christ-Honoring  Perspective     Handout     
          39.  Truth Matters:  Toward Enduring     Handout     
          40.  Dangerous Views Today     Handout      
          41.   The 2 Witnesses     Handout      
          42.   Ready Preparedness     Handout     
          43.   On Judgment and Wrath     Handout   
          44.   Plans in the Making     Handout    
          45.   Definitions  Matter     Handout     
          46.   A  NEW  Ministry Opportunity     Handout      
          47.   The Beauties of  GOD's  Rainbow     Handout      
          48.  An Early Warning     Handout      
          49.  Prepared Through Song     Handout     
          50.  The  Perfect Storm     Handout      
          51.   Our Authority for Faith and Practice     Handout 
          52.  Divine Chess     Handout 
          53.  What Of  Turkeys ?       Handout 
          54.  Preterit  Theology       Handout 
          55.  Contemporary Options In Eschatology 1        Handout  
          56.  Contemporary Options In Eschatology 2       Handout  
          57.   Contemporary Options In Eschatology 3       Handout  
          58.  Grand Scheme  Perspective       Handout 
          59.  The  3rd Wave       Handout  
          60.  Enduring Wisdom       Handout  
          61.   Stuck       Handout 
          62.  BOTH / AND       Handout  
          63.  Christian,  Christian !       Handout       
          64.  The  Court Of Public Opinion       Handout
          65.  What's NEXT       Handout
          66.  Sufficient  Warrant ?      Handout

          67 - 100 ...    We have approximately 100 discipleship
                                handouts at this time.  Handouts 67 - 100
                                are now  only  available through snail mail.
                                Write*  to us for these handouts - articles
                                which provide  even more current  insights
                                (in light of Bible Truth) concerning our
                                end of days.   (snail mail address below)

                                Additional handouts (past the 100th article)
                                will continue to be written and made available.

           Other  Handout  Links ...

          1.   Charting the Count Down  Sheets     Handouts
          2.   Contemporary Options in Eschatology     Handouts  - also see #s 55-57 above
          3.   Future  End-Time  Stories     Handouts
          4.   Endurance Passages     Handout 
          5.   Our  BEST  Archived Blogs     Handouts    
                 ( almost 50 pertinent-to-today blogs ... and counting )


We’ll close this site with a sincere prayer to the soon-coming One:

Precious Lord, please come quickly!
Honor Your great name by making a short work of the earth.
In Jesus Christ’s holy name we pray, amen.

*   Endurance Ministries
     P.O. Box 92098
     Portland, OR  97292