Present Destructive Church Dogmas


It’s fascinating:  ALL of the destructive dogmas on the preceding page are being
circulated in the church today!  We don’t realize how erroneously tolerant we’ve
become … to our own peril.  But there are other dogmas in the church which have
huge destructive potential.  We will only list a few at this time; others will be posted
at a later date.  The three listed below all pertain to the doctrine of end times.

Hmmmmm, more than interesting!  In a day in which we need to be discerning our
day, there is an assault on the biblical teaching of the days of the end and it’s taking
place within the church.  “All the more reason to drop this theological hobby horse
for peace and unity sake,” some would say.  ...  Not us!


Contemporary Eschatology – the present study of end times



Sure, one could differentiate between “full” and “partial” preterism but, as skeptics
of full preterism have correctly noted, where does one draw the line between the
passages that have already been fulfilled and the ones that haven’t?  GREAT
QUESTION  On what grounds can one say, “Jesus Christ is yet to return” while
at the same time deny the contextual data signing  His soon coming?  Both the
full and the partial preterit positions include dangerous consequence.  (Please
note:  We do not label the dual positions – which include the future or complete
fulfillment of eschatological predictions – as destructive because they, too,
affirm the end-time data is still pertinent for today.)

The major danger this dogma presents is this:  The End Time Passages Do NOT
Apply Today.  Beware of the Bible Answer Men  who call for the putting aside of
crucial insights for living in our present culture. 

God has been generous in giving His Counsel to those of us who live in the days
of the end.  One has so insightfully asked:  “If we neglect the passages God has
graciously given for the purpose of better discerning the many false teaching
currently bring propagated today, will we not be the ones making a conscious
choice toward casting aside one crucial means – His written Word – which He
has provided to help us avoid becoming deceived?”


We need to preface the following comments with this important one:  We are
speaking to those who hold a dogmatic viewpoint concerning the Pre-Tribulation
Rapture of the Church.  We understand there are implicit (weak as they are),
systematic theological reasons to POSSIBLY hold this end-time position.  But
these reasons are based on certain interpretations of the Word of God, and not
necessarily correct ones, mind you.  We need to be clear on this point, so bear
with us, for we do not want to be misunderstood.

It’s one thing to believe, tentatively, the timing of the Rapture is Pre-Tribulational
(assuming a certain definition of “tribulation”!) but quite another to believe this is
the only position which the Bible allows.  The second of the two perspectives is a
destructive dogma NOT evidenced in the Word of God.  As we state on a number
of our other web sites, there are MAJOR reasons to doubt the Pre-Tribulation
Rapture event:  1)  There is not a single passage explicitly supporting the idea; 
2)  There are huge interpretations used to support this viewpoint while at the
same time there are other viewpoints of the biblical texts which better affirm
the explicit data of the text – II Thes. 2 is a clear example;  3)  There are internal
problems with the position, ones raised by many through decades of dialogue
about this position.

So, as we conclude our preface to the following material, please understand
we do not label those who tentatively hold the Pre-Tribulation Rapture position
as those who are included within the “destructive dogmas” camp.  We do believe
those who say the Pre-Tribulation Rapture viewpoint  is the only Bible-honoring
position (suggesting the other positions are not worthy of consideration) are
those who herald a dangerous position.

In relationship to the end-time position we hold (the Final Trumpet Rapture
Gathering), we ask the dogmatic Pre-Tribulationalist to PLEASE TELL US:

1.  Why do you dismiss the possibility of a literal last-trumpet rapture (I Cor. 15:51,52)
      as a viable end-time position, especially since it has explicit support, biblically?  
       (Note:  Answers which authors give [e.g., R. Showers in Maranatha: Our Lord,
; John MacArthur in Because The Time Is Near; et al.] are not founded on
      biblically explicit data but their own opinions.  John MacArthur’s rejection of the
      seventh trumpet of Revelation possibly being the final trumpet of I Cor. 15 is a
      perfect example of his appeal to opinion as opposed to the clear – explicit – data
      of the Word.  (see pp. 189 – 197)     (CLICK  HERE  to view related blog: B8;15)

      John Hagee is another who simply dismisses the possibility of the final trumpet
      rapture gathering being the 7th (and final) trumpet of Rev. 11.  But on what
      grounds does he do so?
  Read his comments in his book, Four Blood Moons,
      on pp. 89-91 and you will find  NO  appeal to biblical authority justifying his claim!
      Sincerely, his conclusion - stated in the first full paragraph on page 90 - simply
      states his opinion.  But we desire biblical warrant for setting doctrine if it is
      indeed to be explicitly biblical.  (Even Hagee's opinion is contradictory, for in
      his view the "last trump" is not the last trump.  To this we respond:  His position
      is in opposition to biblical data - I Cor. 15:52.  Read his line of argument for
      yourselves on page 90 of his book.)

2.  Why do you not allow for the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering of the Church in
       light of the fact there is not ONE biblical prohibition against it?  Actually, there
       are many warrants for it!  A simple reading of Matthew 24 and the chronology
       therein speak to the popular – and incorrect – interpretations in many churches
       today.  Check it out!  Reread Matthew 24 and allow our Lord Jesus to speak for
       Himself.  Two appeals we post on this fair matter include:  We Have A Problem
       and  A Bible Study.  ENJOY, but be sitting down as you consider these 
       factual appeals!)

3.  Why do you not acknowledge our sincere intent before our Lord Jesus to help do
      exactly what God has counseled His people to do:  to be ready, prepared, watching
      for His Son’s glorious return in light of the signs He says will occur prior to His
      initial appearing?

The major danger this dogma presents is this:  The Latter End-Time Passages Do NOT
Apply To The Church Because It Will Be Raptured BEFORE The Public Emergence Of
The Antichrist And The Tribulation Around That Period Of Time.  Beware of the fallacy
of appeal to the majority  (of theologians) who would call for the ill-preparedness of
God’s Church in Jesus Christ – His saints – IF indeed the Rapture does not occur as
they insist it will – PRE-Tribulationally.  Remember, it’s the dogmatic viewpoint that
we’re especially speaking out against as a dangerous position.

“How in the world would belief in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture event contribute to ill-
preparedness?”  one might potentially ask …

See  Example #1  and  Example #2  for eternally significant possibilities!

Pan-Millennialism & Pan-Tribulationalism

The attitude, “It will all pan out in the end, so why concern oneself with the issue”
is also a very dangerous one and one that sincerely happens to be predominate –
SCARY! – in the American church.  This is diametrically opposed to the mindset
our Lord Jesus mandates His followers to embrace.  Time and time again we are
told to be ready, discerning, watching, etc. 

The major danger this dogma (in practice) presents is this:  Those Who Hold This
View Are In Harm’s Way In That They Are Much More Likely To Be Tied To The
Worldly System When The Mark Is Required – something our Lord Jesus has said
NOT to do.  IF one commits to worldly obligations, one will find it very difficult to
reject the system at the time the “no turning back” requirement goes into effect –
at the time the mark of the beast is mandated.  Once again, the "Future Stories
are becoming most pertinent for today!  The insights found at 
(which posts the Truth Matters’ articles) are even more so (relevant) because they
address current signs of our times (especially concerning the whole Counsel of
the Word of God).

Also, please give  NOW The Rapture? (Part 1)  a look-over.  The call to be biblically
literate is the main emphasis of this appeal.

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