Future Destructive Global Dogmas

Hope in a Global Savior

Jesus Christ is the world’s only Savior and His return is soon.  Before the time of His
initial appearing, a global leader will emerge and require the allegiance of all.  DON’T
follow him, for he will lead the world into darkness never before seen on the face of
this earth.  Although he will be touted as the world’s savior, he is not.  He will actually
usher in the period called the Great Tribulation  upon fulfilling the biblical prophecy
of the “Abomination of Desolation.”  For truthful information about this man of deceit,
please read the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible.

One World Alliance Requires Eradication

The Global leader will call for the death of those who refuse to join the global system. 
When this takes place, will you follow this one who is even more evil than Adolph
Hitler?  Will you take the mark he eventually demands the world take and thus set
your eternity in the Lake of Fire?  (see Revelation 13 & 14)  Or, will you say “YES” to
Jesus Christ in order to avoid eternal separation from the all-knowing, all-powerful,
eternal God?  (please see our Gospel pages in the next chapter of this site)

The Global Community is able to “take on” the Lord of Hosts – Jesus Christ

There has been much preconditioning toward fostering this mindset to date.  
Multiple movies have been produced which promote this mentality.  Our question
to you at this time is this:  Will you be discerning enough to realize the global
events are indeed direct fulfillments of biblical prophecy and take the next steps –
say “NO” to receiving the mark and live the rest of your brief humanity following the
Word of God (Jesus Christ is the eternal Word of God and the Bible is the written
Word of God) … will you take a stand knowing your eternal state is hanging in the
balance?  Will you respond favorably to Jesus Christ’s invitation to enter into Life
through Him?  We pray so!


In  conclusion  to this first chapter of this Current Matters site ...