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1st Quarter Blogs

Week of 1/2-6  (B1;17) 

Thinking Ahead

Blessed New-Year greetings to each and every one!

God was sure generous to us in 2016.  This year (2017)
promises ongoing JOY and PEACE to those who continue
to abide (since having been born anew, spiritually) in
Jesus Christ - Creator (of all things), Sustainer, Savior
and  soon-coming  King of kings and Lord of lords.

One blessing of 2017 is found in His prophetic Word, a
word which gives sweet insight to those of us who are 
wise - and to those who are child-like in faith - and humble
in relationship to allowing Father God to lead.

Speaking of prophetic insight, we've recently UPDATED
our handouts on our "The Rapture Gathering.com" site.
The PDFs posted on The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering
page are helpful in  looking and thinking ahead.


Father God, as Your adopted children in Your holy Son,
Jesus Christ, please receive our thanksgivings and praises
as we express them anew this year.  As always, we come
before You through Your Gift to us:  Jesus Christ our Lord.


Week of 1/9-13  (B2;17)

But What Does It SAY? *

We're entering a six-month radio series (on KPDQ, True 
Talk Radio - as guests of Heart of the Savior Ministries) on
Building Biblical End-Time Perspective.

Our introductory broadcasts (this week) address the
Truth Foundation upon which we build our end-time view.
The foundation we're suggesting is this:  The Word of God!
No surprise here.    :-)

Many  end-time viewpoints base their chronologies on
assumptions, ones NOT taught in Scripture.  This is (and
will prove to be in the days yet future) CATASTROPHIC!

Our end-time  house  must be built upon a true foundation!
Again, no surprise here given our many appeals through our
web sites.

Join us for this radio series as we address II Thes. 2,
Matthew 24 & 25 and the books of Daniel and Revelation.

If you wish to catch the live Saturday broadcasts, go to
www.truetalk800.com.  Here are the "live" airing times:

January 14 at 10:30 (PT)    This introductory session addresses
                                            the basis upon which we build our
                                            view.  (also broadcasting on 93.9 FM
                                            at 2:00 PM [PT] on Thursday, 1/12)

February 11 at 10:30 (PT)    The first passage we're addressing is
                                              II Thes. 2 - awesome insight provided!
                                              (also broadcasting on 93.9 FM at
                                              2:00 PM [PT] on Thursday, 2/9)

Father, in Your mercy and grace, THANK YOU for allowing us
the privilege of Ambassadoring truthfully on Your behalf!  May
You use these broadcasts for Your eternal Kingdom purposes,
unto Your glory and praise.  Thank You so!  We love you because
You first loved us.  Blessed be Your holy name!  Amen

*  For interesting examples of the battle (that is, warfare) on
    this topic of allowing the Word of God to say what it actually
    says,  CLICK HERE.


Week of 1/16-20  (B3;17) 

Another Instrument Of Deceit?

Certain errors of the  meta-narrative  (or paradigm) of
Postmodernity continue to express themselves.

We - a university student and I - heard some of the 
errors of the relative truth language games just recently
as we talked with a philosophy instructor.  The professor
would affirm a theological journal article which embraces
the errors within the presupposition of  Reader Response,
or what the  article*  calls "reader response criticism."

Simply put, the article  denies at worst / belittles at best, the
idea that the author intends to communicate to his/her readers
(in the case of our campus experience, HIS message).  God
has a message for open-minded readers and His intent is for
His  message to be listened to.

Instead of this common sense approach (which allows the
author the appropriate voice), the contradictory perspective
of the Postmodern language-game relativist places the
emphasis of the written message in the hands of the reader ...
what the reader wants the content to say.  For an excellent
rebuttal to  Reader Response  approach, view the handout
below, one which we've used for years now as we have
ministered on college and university campuses in the
Northwest (USA).  Click Here

Frankly, this approach is another example of one major flaw
in the relative truth worldview faith perspective.  It is being
used by darkness to further deceive.  Let us know what you 
think of our handout (linked above) by emailing us your
response.  Use the "Contact Us" box - above right.

Father God, thank You for the freedom found in Your eternal
Word.  Thank You for Your Word made flesh - Jesus Christ - and
for Your written Word to us.  We praise Your name and thank
You for being willing to grace us with insight that's eternally
significant.  Thank You for Your letter of salvation to us.  Please
forgive us when we twist it into saying things it does not say.
Help us humble ourselves whereby we're willing to consider
Your Counsel [for those who are not in Christ Jesus] ; help us
humble ourselves whereby we're willing to accept and act upon
what You clearly say [for those of us who are Your adopted 
children in Your beloved Son].  We bless You, the one true
God.  Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!  Amen

*   The title of the article is "Reader-Response-Criticism in
     the Light of the Scriptural Principle" by Urlich Körtner (as
     included in Princeton Theological Seminary's  Theology
- Vol. 73 ; Number 3 ; October 2016).


Week of 1/23-27  (B4;17) 

WHICH  "Believing Community" ?

I was quite surprised recently when I heard from one that  Bible
believers  do not qualify as a legitimate "believing community,"
one that's deemed credible in the eyes of global culture anyway.

The one I was talking with actually didn't say the above in those
exact words
  BUT  what he was indeed saying (that is, claiming)
was this:  The  Christian  believing community  today  is one that 
does NOT, in both belief and lifestyle, view actual Bible content 
as the final authority for  faith and practice

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  "What groundless 
presumption," I thought.

There are many absurd lies being propagated today, ones 
which are hardly believable ... except perhaps by the  believing  
which, in reality, doubts God's Word.  And please
discern:  Some of the believing communities even claim to be 

We encourage God's genuine people in Christ Jesus to remain
committed to His Word, a word forever settled in heaven (as
timeless Truth).  Psalm 119:89, 160 ; Isaiah 40:8 & 55:8,9

We are also called, by God, time and time again in end-time
passages, to discern those who teach falsely and to depart from
(that is, reject and disassociate with) those who, even in what
one could call a stealthful* manner, reject Scripture.

May we better mark these folks and avoid their ungodly influence
by, in part, separating from them if they insist on embracing and 
heralding satan's  has-God-said?  &  God-has-not-said  (and in the 
Genesis 3 context: what-God-said-is-not-true)  lies.

Instead, let's firm up our intake of God's holy Word and apply the
Psalm 1 principle.  And if you don't know what this principle is,
simply read the psalm and you'll see it ... IF you allow the
Word of God to say what it actually says!!   Point made.

Father, we are SO impressed by the Truth of Your Word!  It's no
wonder darkness tries so hard to undermine it in these end-time
battle days.  Help us to continue walking in the light of Your
Word whereby we are equipped to ENDURE.  Help those who 
are apostate to return to You and Your precious Counsel.  In
Christ Jesus' - Your Son's - holy name I pray.  Amen 

*  For example, there are some in churches today who employ
    the relative, my-opinion-is  hermeneutic to Bible content in
    order to deny what God is clearly saying.   Please see our
    handout in B3;17 above for wise counsel relating to the
    deceptions within the Reader Response approach.  Watch
    out for those who proclaim these consequential lies.


Week of 1/30 - 2/3  (B5;17)   [ FB ]

Observing The Text Of Matthew 24:3-31

Chronology #1

In light of the  TEXTUAL FLOW  of Matthew 24:3-31,
place the following events in their correct order.

1.  ___          A.  The sign of the Son of Man               (vs. 30)

2.  ___          B.  The abomination of desolation           (vv. 15-22)
                              and the great tribulation

3.  ___          C.  The gathering of the elect                 (vs. 31)

4.  ___          D.  The false christs & false prophets        (vv. 23-28)
                              who perform signs & wonders as
                              they give incorrect reports as to 
                              the physical location of Christ

5.  ___          E.  The time of tribulation                     (vv. 9-14)
                              (persecution & godlessness)

6.  ___          F.  The beginning of sorrows/                (vv. 4-8)
                              the beginning of birth pains

7.  ___          G.  Astronomical signs involving the          (vs. 29)
                              sun, moon and stars

Chronology #2

In light of the  ACTUAL CHRONOLOGY  of Matthew 24:3-31,
place the following events in their correct order.

1.  ___          A.  The sign of the Son of Man              

2.  ___          B.  The abomination of desolation          
                              and the great tribulation

3.  ___          C.  The gathering of the elect                

4.  ___          D.  The false christs & false prophets        
                              who perform signs & wonders as
                              they give incorrect reports as to 
                              the physical location of Christ

5.  ___          E.  The time of tribulation                     
                              (persecution & godlessness)

6.  ___          F.  The beginning of sorrows/             
                              the beginning of birth pains

7.  ___          G.  Astronomical signs involving the          
                              sun, moon and stars

(For a document allowing you to share the above insight
with your friends and Family in Christ, CLICK HERE.)

You will note the two chronologies above are different  IF
you've allowed the text to say what it says.  For some helpful
observations as to discerning the differences between the
two chronologies,  CLICK HERE.

God of glory, God of grace, THANK YOU Lord, for allowing
us to better discern our times through Your amazing gift to
us:  Your Word.  Help us live in such a way today that we are
correctly  obeying Your mandate to watch!  In the holy and
precious name of Jesus Christ Your Son we pray, amen.


Week of 2/6-10  (B6;17) 

Observing The Text Of II Thessalonians 2:1-12

(For an upcoming KPDQ radio broadcast on this very passage - an
audio presentation which also emphasizes the actual data of this
end-time text - see details below.)

Please read this II Thes. 2 passage.  For quotes of this paragraph
(quotes from literal English Bible versions),  CLICK HERE.

What the text actually says ...

II Thes. 2:1-12 states the day of Christ / day of the Lord
will  NOT  begin to unfold until two things take place:

1.  the apostasy
2.  the revealing of the man of sin / lawlessness

What the text does not say ...

This passage does  NOT  teach the Pre-Trib Rapture
gathering  of the Church, though we acknowledge there
are some who add the  Pre-Trib  Rapture event to this

We simply encourage the reading of the passage in such
a way as to allow the text to say what it says. 

Beware of false teachers ...

IF  the Pre-Trib Rapture Gathering  inference  is incorrect,
then those who teach this  inference*  as fact (that is, as 
Bible doctrine) are teaching falsely on this matter of the
timing of the Rapture Gathering. 

Note important CONSEQUENCES, especially WHY this is
indeed a crucial concern ...

Applications (of this passage) vary depending on the end time
view one holds.  Please consider  preparedness  - that is,
"readiness" - in light of the actual data of this II Thes. 2 text
AND  in light of the  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering, an
explicitly biblical end time view.  

Please discern this:  We clearly accept this II Thes. 2 passage 
teaches other things too.  Amen.  We are especially focusing on
one major teaching of this end-time paragraph (here in this blog).

Father God, thank You for teaching us that the apostasy and
the revealing of the man of sin will unfold  BEFORE  the coming
of Your precious Son  and  before our gathering together to Him.
May we be influenced by this fact (that the beginning of this day
of Christ will  FOLLOW  the falling away and the coming of the
antichrist on the world scene in a public manner) to the extent
of being willing to lay aside false traditions in the Church today.
In Jesus Christ's holy name I pray, amen.

Listen to a live airing of this radio broadcast by going to 
www.truetalk800.com  at 10:30 a.m. (PT)  THIS coming 
Saturday, February 11th.  Simply click the "Listen Live" link
(at the top of the page) at the 10:30 hour and you'll be good
to go.  Note:  This is  live  programming so you must tune in
at 10:30 in order to catch this II Thes. 2 broadcast.

*  Even Pre-Trib advocates rightly confess the Pre-Trib timing
    of the Rapture is an extra biblical inference.  For example,
    see Renald Showers' book, Maranatha - Our Lord, Come!


Week of 2/13-17  (B7;17)   [ FB ]

Fascinating  BUT  DEADLY  Media Appeals

The film  Silence  comes at an amazing time in this
spiritual battle  of which we're a part.

I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie in that it is
a  MASTERPIECE  of spiritual deception.

The main appeal voiced in this medium is this:
Christians, be willing to RECANT!  Publicly deny 
your Lord, your faith  if  persecution comes your way 
(though continue to secretly believe).  It's okay to do so
because God is merciful and will safely see  believers

You see, this is yet another example of  half-truth
, deceit which satan has, as the master
deceiver, perfected.

Yes, God is merciful and will surely see His people Home.  
But just who are His genuine people in Jesus Christ but
those who go on to lovingly obey Him once they are new
creatures in Christ - Galatians 2:20 - whereby they are
loved by the Father 
and brought into eternal relationship
with Him upon glorification - see John 14 - 17.  God is
also  LORD God of heaven and earth and as such, His
kind message - His FULL Word of Counsel - is to be
obeyed  ...  Counsel which includes this:

READ  Matthew 24:9-13  &  Hebrews 10:19-39.

In these life-saving passages we find these words, ones
which  must be included  in our worldview (as followers
of our Master, Christ Jesus)  IF  we are to be balanced
children of God in His beloved Son:

   Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has
   great reward.  For you have need of  endurance,  so that
   after you have done the will of God, you may receive the
   promise:  "For yet a little while, and He who is coming 
   will come and will not tarry.  Now the just shall live by
   faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure
   in him."  
But we are not of those who draw back to perdition,
   but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.

   (NKJV ; emphases ours)

In application ...

Do  NOT  fall away.  Do  NOT  fall prey to this deceit.
Honor the  full  revelation of God  by heeding His Word,
not by only picking and choosing to accept the verses we
like.  We are accountable to Him.  This includes enduring
to the end

In the context of our Lord's appeal to  fear  God,  we find
this sobering (serious) Truth:

"Also I  [Jesus]  say to you, whoever confesses Me before
men, him the Son of Man also will confess before the angels
of God.  But he who denies Me before men will be denied
before the angels of God."

The above is taken from Luke 12:8, 9.  (NKJV)  This 
paragraph goes on to bring illumination as to how we
can be victorious in the context of persecution, so read
on - read verses 10 - 12!

Our Lord goes on to teach,

"Salt is good; but if the salt has lost its flavor, how shall
it be seasoned?  It is neither fit for the land nor for the 
dunghill,  but  men throw it out.  He who has ears to
hear, let him hear!"   Luke 14:34, 35  (NKJV)

Creator God, everlasting Father, thank You for the 
provision of Your Holy Spirit in our lives whereby we
so enJOY the means to be overcomers.  May You be
honored and glorified as we live out the  sufferings
of Christ  to the end.  Thank You for the sweet-aroma
testimonials of those who have gone on before us,
testimonials like Polycarp of old.  We bless and
praise Your holy name.  Amen

NOTE:  We will send you a DVD copy of the life of
Polycarp  if  you would but snail-mail us your mailing
address.  Please include $5 to help us cover shipping
costs.  May JOY be ours in our continued abiding.

Send your request to:    Endurance Ministries
                                           P.O. Box 92098
                                           Portland, OR  97292-2098

*  What does the FULL Counsel of God say on this
    matter?  His Word includes warning against 
    apostasy and a call to overcome / stay true

X X X X X X X X X 

Reading audience:  THANK YOU for your thoughts on the blog above!
Since our posting this (a few weeks ago – we posted it early), you have 
brought some insightful comments.  The following is a summary of 
two important concerns which you’ve expressed to date and our

1.  RE: Uncritical presumption …

Your question:

While the story may be based on true expressions of missionary
work in Japan in the 15th Century, aren’t you presuming too much
in the writing of this blog – that the film is faithful in presenting 
facts of history?

Our response:

Good point.  
We are not presuming full historical accuracy (of the film) in
our blog.  We are simply addressing the conditioning effect
the movie may have through its  positive  promoting of
apostasy.  The film’s effect on the viewers is our concern.

2.  RE: Affirmation of the movie’s spirituality …

Your question:

You respond as if the  missionary work  [in the film] is Christian.  
It is not.  Don’t you see your faulty assessment in this?

Our response:

Again, good point.  
We, in  no  way, say the defining of spirituality as depicted
in the film represents biblical Christianity.  No.  The film is 
presenting expressions of Catholic practice, NOT Biblical Faith
(for example, the role of the priest in the forgiveness of sin!)
BUT, please note:  the film  IS  addressing a BIBLICAL THEME 
and it’s this topic – apostasy – that we are especially disturbed 
about given the movie’s appeal on this matter is directly opposite
that of what God has actually said concerning the falling away 
from faith.  He has so graciously outlined in His Word that His 
people are to ENDURE to the end (in the True Faith).  This matter
of  enduring in the faith  is antithesis to denying Him publicly. 

It’s interesting (to me that) the movie ends with this concluding 

“The body [of apostate Rodrigues] was treated in the Buddhist 
manner and he was given a posthumous Buddhist name.  The 
man who was once Rodrigues, ended as they wanted, and as I 
first saw him – lost to God.  But as to that, indeed, only God can 
answer.”  (emphasis mine)

We affirm our concern as expressed in the blog above and we do 
so (in light of our God-given love for His Saints) in this way:  This 
film’s appeal (that one still has fellowship with God after one is 
willing to persistently deny Him) promotes a lie bearing eternal 
consequence!  Correct:  Just who is  lost  is known only to God.  
Is lukewarm compromise worth the risk of possibly hearing from 
Him on the day of judgment, “I never knew you.  Depart from Me, 
you worker of iniquity!”



Week of 2/20-24  (B8;17) 

More On This Matter Of Affirming God's WHOLE Counsel

If you were to reread our 2016 blogs, you would find the
appeal  to honor God’s whole Word *  presented in many
shapes and forms.  (See blogs  B5, B6, B9, B13, B16, B20
and B32 as examples)  So why do we persist in pressing
this matter?

There are those who continue expressing (in word and
action) the lie that the whole of God’s Word is NOT our
(God’s people in Jesus Christ) final authority for faith and
practice.  But I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture
of Truth …

God is coming back to claim His own.  Until that time,
we are commanded to  endure  in Him.  In light of His 
holy Word – especially on the reality of eternally significant
cultural  deceptions  (both outside and inside the churches) – 
we would be well-served by embracing this perspective:
I refuse to sacrifice my eternal soul on the altar of 

But how do I  KNOW  the standard, the one concerning 
which I mustn’t compromise?  Once again, the measuring 
rod is the Word of God. 

This means, for those of us who are willing to live under God's 
rule, honoring  ALL  of God's Revelation.  It was actually the
error of picking and choosing which, in part, led to our Lord’s
reprimand of the religious leaders in His day.  Remember?         

The religious leaders were rebuked by Jesus Christ (as 
accounted in Mt. 16:1-4).  While they could discern the
physical weather, they did not discern the spiritual weather.

Weather GRADE:             Forecasting The Weather:            B+
                                           Discerning The Times:                  F

"Hypocrites!" our Lord called them.  They refused to be accurate
because, in part, they did not embrace  all  of God's prophetic
Truth concerning the coming of His Son, the Messiah.  In other
words, they had only accepted (picked)  some  of the Messianic
predictions, not all.  Their traditions were their downfall - see Mt. 15.  
And what about  our  traditions? ( EXAMPLES )  Will we throw them 
off in light of the full Counsel of God's Word  or  will we choose to 
follow in the footsteps of the hypocrites who worshipped God in vain!?  

Because His Word is  the  plumb line - the  Truth Foundation -
upon with we build our house, we must affirm its full Counsel.
If we pick and choose only the passages we like (e.g., John 3:16),
we will potentially find ourselves embracing lukewarm compromise
as mentioned in last week's blog.   Truth Matters! 

Help us, precious Heavenly Father.  THANK YOU for the
passages in Your Word which speak to this crucial Truth:
ALL  Scripture is given by Your inspiration (God-breathed)
and as Truth, is forever settled in heaven before You.  Help
us, Father God.  Yes, LORD, help us to follow in Your FULL
Counsel unto Your glory and praise as we abide in Your 
beloved Son, Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord.  It's in 
His glorious name we pray, amen. 

*  PS  Having just reread "One Visitation, Two Purposes"
           (the devotional read for August 13), we'd strongly
           encourage this:  PLEASE, consider using Nancy DeMoss
           Wolgemuth's edifying devotional,  The Quiet Place  (Moody
           Publishers) as your devotional aide.  It's a refreshing resource
           toward better balancing life's demands and toward countering
           some of the imbalances of our day.  While Nancy (at  Revive 
           Our Hearts Ministries)  does NOT necessarily endorse the
           eschatological (especially chronological) perspective of
           Endurance Ministries, we are thankful to the Lord for her 
           bold, speaking-the-Truth-in-love ministries, ones which are
           devoted to the full Counsel of the Word of God. 


Week of 2/27 - 3/3  (B9;17) 

A Message To Pastors 

I can almost hear the appeals of some who dishonored God's
full  revelation concerning His grace under the Old Covenant ...

"Oh Moses, no more  duty  Words from the Lord, PLEASE!"
"Hosea, ENOUGH ALREADY!  We enjoy God's grace and, as
a result, need not  fear the Lord  any longer."
"Cease and desist Jeremiah!  STOP repeating your unwanted
appeals of ongoing repentance.  We already ARE God's people."

Due to the mushrooming of imbalance within some of our 
American churches (ones which herald aspects of the Cult of
Unbiblical Grace), New Covenant prophetic voices continue
to persist in bringing God's appeal as they press on in loving
ambassadoring on His behalf.

Some have wandered from the  full Gospel*  of Grace in that
they no longer minister in balance as the present only a portion
of God's Gospel of Grace in His Son, Christ Jesus our Lord.  We
are to  HONOR  His present-day marching orders, not simply the
false-hope message of grace without ONGOING grace seen 
manifest as God's Spirit lives through His adopted Children.  

May we STOP undermining  DISCIPLESHIP  toward the end of
His glory and praise!  He IS well pleased as newborns in His Son
WALK and ABIDE after their regeneration.  We are to HEED  His
expectations of His people - mandates which He so graciously
communicated through the eternal Word and ones which we 
have been called to represent.  Let's listen and obey His full
Counsel to those who are regenerate in Christ, Counsel which

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded
and lo, I am with you always, even  to the end of the age."

To which imbalanced members of the Cult of Unbiblical Grace
say, "Jesus, this sounds too much like a  works' salvation  (to
call for the obedience to all that you have commanded).  We
don't want this aspect of the full counsel of your word.  Grace 
means we live unencumbered by good works.  Read Ps. 103!
Read Ephesians 2:8, 9!"

To which, in part, the full-Counsel ambassadors of the LORD
Jesus Christ respond:  "YES, read Psalm 103, and heed the
ENTIRETY of the message, including the message that it's
those who  FEAR THE LORD  who are privileged with the
expressions of abundant grace highlighted therein!  YES,
read the ENTIRE book of Ephesians, and  STOP  deleting
crucial aspects of God's revelation found therein (e.g.,
Eph. 2:10!).  Honor the FULL Counsel of His Word!

Lord Jesus Christ, please help those who say they're Your
people!  Help us obey the full Counsel of Your plan for Your
people.  Help us understand and walk in the fact that Your
precious grace is not exhausted at Your Cross but continues
as we abide in You, the Vine.  THANK YOU that You are,
some how, some way, honored in the lives of those who put
their faith in You  AND who go on to put their talents to work,
even expressed through the fruit of Your Spirit within us -
fruits of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control ... which are PLEASING
to You.  Help us accept Your full revelation concerning those
who do  not  invest Your talent(s) so graciously and abundantly
extended!  WHOA!  Yes, may fear of You, oh LORD, under Your
eternal Covenant, be honored!  Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In His name, dear Father, we express
these needs to You in this hour of great imbalance.  Amen.

*  We do NOT mean the "Full Gospel" of Pentecostal theology here
    but the full Gospel as outlined in the Word of God (see the book
    of Galatians for details).

And please note:  John Newton was correct:  " 'Twas grace that 
taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved!"  BUT  this 
in no way dismisses ongoing  fear of the Lord  once grace has
relieved our fear because we're talking about a different "fear"
upon new life in Christ!  Read the New Testament; do a study on
"fear."  It may surprise you.  It's a both/and  thing.  We continue
revering God Most High and love Him through obedience as we
rely upon HIS resources (within us) to live victorious in Christ His
Son.  God be praised!  And our LORD is praised as we live under
the Truth (that is, perspective) that one day we will all give account.
Yes, Father God, thank You for Philippians 2:12, 13!  


Week of 3/6-10  (B10;17) 

Answering A Pertinent, CRUCIAL Question 

We have been blessed by Family members (in Christ) who are
willing to ask us questions.

Recently a form of the following question has once again been

On what grounds do you question the way most Pre-Millennial
advocates  DEFINE  Daniel's 70th Week?

We need to respond to this fair and most excellent question. 

First, please look over this handout:

We Have A Problem

Second, we don't believe the assumptions within the typical 
definition of Daniel's 70th Week are explicitly biblical - and we
can demonstrate this to be the case.  For example, there are
presuppositions as to  where  the 3 1/2 years of  war against
the Saints
  are placed within the 70th Week.  In other words,
INTERPRETATIONS, not simply Bible data, are used to construct
the present popular definition of Daniel's 70th Week!  BUT are
they strong assumptions  AND,  if not, do other more viable
options exist, ones which are much more explicitly biblical in

Our simple request at this juncture:  Please be willing to
reconsider the presuppositions which are in question at this
time, especially given the reasons to do so as outlined above
and in the links immediately below.


Because the One Who  KNOWS  end-time chronology states,
in clear manner, this:  events  FOLLOW  the close of the great
tribulation.  (These events are listed on the linked handout

On this basis alone (though there are other reasons), we have
justification for reconsidering the definition of Daniel's 70th Week.

One proposal - as to a different way of defining this eschatological
week (one based on clear Bible data and which takes into account
the observations in the We Have A Problem  document - is
diagrammed  HERE.

So, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord (who honor
the authority of God's Word), please consider this crucial aspect of
end-time prophecy!

Other on-line materials which also address this important matter

Blog B37;16

Blog B40;16

FAQ #17

FAQ #36

FAQ #38


ENJOY!  And let us know your thoughts in response to this  real
as outlined in the "We Have A Problem" PDF handout

Oh Father, You provide so much protection for Your sheep through
the insights graciously communicated in Your holy Word.  THANK
YOU for this aspect of the demonstration of Your love for us!  We
are grateful.  As we read Your Word, illumine our minds through
Your precious Holy Spirit.  Help us discern Your kind revelation
to us whereby we can more effectively be Your Gospel lights in
these end of days.  Unto Your glory and praise we pray, amen. 


One great, God-honoring application of the above blog, one
which promotes the reading of His holy Word, is this ...

In light of this blog (knowing God's people in Christ Jesus wish
GOD's perspective on these things), pretend that you've never
had teaching or training on this subject of end times  AND  take
this next step:

Let's simply walk through God's actual Word together.  Fair 

Read through (over the course of this next quarter) our
suggested Bible readings with the commitment to allow the
Word of God to say what it actually says.  Are we teachable
(humble) enough to come under God's revelation on this
pertinent matter?  We believe His Church is hungry for HIS
insights which address the relevant cultural matters of our

Use our upcoming blog for the reading schedule.



Week of 3/13-17  (B11;17) 

Our 2017 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (April - June) 

We pray God's illumination blessings as we take in His rich
Word this new quarter!  And yes, some of the chapters are

March 13    John 13
March 14    John 14
March 15    John 15
March 16    John 16
March 17    John 17
March 18    John 18
March 19    John 19
March 20    John 20
March 21    John 21
March 22    I Peter 1
March 23    I Peter 2
March 24    I Peter 3
March 25    I Peter 4
March 26    I Peter 5
March 27    II Peter 1
March 28    II Peter 2
March 29    II Peter 3
March 30    Psalm 129
March 31     Psalm 130

April 1      Daniel 1
April 2     Daniel 2
...  etc.  ...
April 11     Daniel 11
April 12    Daniel 12
April 13    John 18
April 14    John 19
April 15    John 20
April 16    John 21
April 17    I Tim. 4
April 18    II Tim. 3
April 19    II Tim. 4
April 20    II Thes. 2
April 21     I Thes. 4
April 22    I Cor. 15
April 23    Jude
April 24    I John 1
April 25    I John 2
April 26    I John 3
April 27    I John 4
April 28    I John 5
April 29    II John
April 30    III John

May 1      Revelation 1
May 2     Rev. 2
...  etc.  ...
May 20    Rev. 20
May 21    Rev. 21
May 22   Rev. 22
May 23   Joel 1
May 24   Joel 2
May 25   Joel 3
May 26   Matt. 24
May 27   Matt. 25
May 28   Mark 13
May 29   Luke 17
May 30   Luke 21
May 31   John 14

June 1     Heb. 1
June 2    Heb. 2
...  etc.  ...
June 11   Heb. 11
June 12   Heb. 12
June 13   Heb. 13
June 14   Psalm 1
June 15   Psalm 19
June 16   Psalm 119
June 17   Psalm 32
June 18   Psalm 51
June 19   Psalm 100
June 20   Psalm 150
June 21   Mark 13
June 22   Luke 12
June 23   Luke 17
June 24   Luke 21
June 25   Jeremiah 23
June 26   Ezekiel 23
June 27   Isaiah 24
June 28   Rev. 20
June 29   Rev. 21
June 30   Rev. 22


Week of 3/20-24  (B12;17) 

On What Basis ... On What Grounds? 

Once again, THANKS for the comments you send our way!

Here's a response to some thoughts (in favor of the Pre-Trib
Rapture Gathering) that have been shared with us recently.  ...

Some marvel at our  unwillingness  to  INTERPRET  Matthew 24
on the basis of this assumption:  Matthew chapters 24 & 25 are
for Israel, NOT the Church.

But guess what?  Our authority for faith and practice is NOT
interpretation  of Scripture.  What  IS  our authority for faith and
practice is this:  the actual Word itself!

Some then go on to ask, "Okay, but what does this have to do 
with the issue at hand?"  Our answer:  It has everything to do with
the issue at hand because the TEXT does NOT teach this passage
is only for Israel!  Yes, the text does highlight an event in Jerusalem -
the event of the Abomination of Desolation and the Great Tribulation
(which immediately follows) - BUT this does not mean we can then
go on to assume this text is meant only for Israel.  I need to say it
again:  the BIBLE does not teach this! 

Do you discern this concern of ours, namely that this interpretation
of the text is just that - an INTERPRETATION.

As such, it is NOT explicit Bible data!  As a result, we approach our
gleaning from the Word of God unshackled by this interpretation
because, once again,  interpretations  are NOT our authority for 
faith and practice.  God's Word is.

"But the book of Matthew is for a  Jewish  readership and as a
result, is not meant for the Church,"  some say.  But once again,
this is a theological INTERPRETATION which may or may not be
correct.  The Word of God NEVER says this.  In fact, Scripture
would speak in opposition given II Timothy 3:16,17.  Would 
some dare to claim the Gospels of the New Testament are
not Scripture?  Yet some do so  in practice  when they make
theological traditional appeals, in this case, claiming we 
cannot use the Gospels (or in the case of this blog, certain
parts of the Gospel) for New Covenant doctrines.  BULL!
The Gospels are a foundational part of the New (eternal)
Covenant in our Lord Jesus, as is the rest of the New Testament.

As a result, and because the extra-biblical  opinion  of some (that 
the Pre-Trib Rapture has already taken place before these Mt. 24 
signs which tell of our Lord's soon return) is, in fact, NOT an explicit 
teaching of Scripture, we do not believe there are sufficient grounds 
 accept this opinion, this popular interpretation (that this passage 
is only meant for Israel).

Let me state this another way:  We are under no BIBLICAL obligation
to embrace the assumption that Mt. 24 is not for the Church.  WHY?
Because SCRIPTURE does NOT teach this.

Some would object.  On what grounds would they do so?  So here's
a simple step in this process of getting at what the Word of God 
actually states:  We simply ask the Pre-Tribulation Rapture advocates
to evidence their position.  It's AMAZING what we hear when they do
so.  We discover their view is based NOT on explicit Bible data but on
INFERENTIAL appeals.  But please do recall:  inferential appeals are
weak appeals because they are often based on  interpretations  of 
the text, NOT the text itself.

So what are we trying to say in all this?  Simply this:

Let's allow the texts which address the days of the end (including
the days prior to our Lord's initial appearing) to speak for themselves!  

Let's honor the actual teachings of:

    II Thessalonians 2:1-12
    Matthew 24 & 25
    Daniel & Revelation
    (and other end-time passages)

by simply letting these texts say what they actually say.

We close with this appeal:

Let's read Matthew 15:1-20.  As we do, may we take that next 
important step and  APPLY  our Lord's Counsel (by way of His
example to us).  May we learn to better discern the  TRADITIONS
of today's  scribes and Pharisees  and hold the actual (unadulterated) 
Word of God as our supreme authority for faith and practice.

Oh LORD Most High, help us discern the deceptions within
some churches today, deceptions which  DISCOURAGE  what
You so clearly call us to:  to be watchful!  Give us Your boldness
to speak on the basis of Your Word and help us to do so in love
for those who elevate extra-biblical traditions above Your
precious Word.  Unto Your glory and praise we ask this, in
our Lord Jesus' precious and holy name.  Amen


Week of 3/27-31  B13;17

II Thessalonians 2 Continues

In blog B6:17 (above) we observed two things which must
take place before the day of Christ/day of the Lord.  These
observations of the actual text are based on the clear data
of the text:

     Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
     and our being gathered together to him, we ask you,
     brothers, not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed,
     either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming
     to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has
     come.  Let no one deceive you in any way.  For that day
     will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the
     man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction …
                                                                             (II Thes. 2:1-3 ; ESV)

Few doubt the fact that rebellion or “apostasy”*  is unfolding 
today.  The global evidence in support of many falling away 
from the faith is overwhelming.

But in this blog we’d simply like to focus on the  second 
thing which must take place  before  the coming of our 
Lord Jesus (that is, the initial appearing of our Lord which 
begins the “day of Christ/day of the Lord”)  and  our 
gathering together to Him.  It's this:

The revealing of the man of lawlessness/sin

In seeking to honor one principle in support of the correct
handling of the Word of God – Scripture interprets Scripture
(also called “the Analogy of Scripture” by some) – we simply
direct your attention to some key passages from Daniel which
speak to this man of deceit.

Daniel 2:31-45
Daniel 7:7, 8, 15-27
Daniel 8:8-14, 23-26
Daniel 9:24-27
Daniel 11:20-45
Daniel 12:1-13

IF we would but honor these texts, we would find ourselves
better  prepared  as our Lord has so Counseled.  A part of
“readiness” is obedience to that which our Lord has outlined
His people  discern and do  prior to His initial appearing.  It’s,
in part, tied to being watchful … with oil in our lamps.  (Read,
for example, Mt. 24 & 25 for some clear practical-for-today
advice from our Lord!)

NB:   The  man of lawlessness/sin  (of II Thes. 2)
                  little horn  (of Daniel)
                  antichrist  (of I John)
                  beast  (of Revelation)
          will make his public appearance soon. 

          NB  =  Nota Bene  =  Note Well

A fair – and CRUCIAL – question surfaces at this juncture:

Will we apply wisdom and follow God’s Counsel on these
important matters tied to that which will take place before
the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering 
together to Him?

We sure  hope  so!  Toward that end, we have provided in-
sightful Counsel from God’s Word to bring help and encourage-
ment during this time … a time only years removed from the
public emergence of the antichrist, the one predicted by the
Word of God, the Bible, almost two thousand years ago. 

Now it’s our turn to apply our commitment to God Most High.  
Let’s read the Daniel passages listed above  AND  let’s even  
go on to further glean from the WHOLE of God’s Word by also 
pondering His full Counsel (in other portions of His Word) on 
this matter of the antichrist (also, in part, listed above). ... And
may we respond wisely in light of this kind Counsel - Counsel
meant for our protection against the many evil deceptions of
our day.

Precious God of glory, God of grace, THANK YOU for being so
kind to us by lighting our way through Your Word.  Father, help
us to seek out the wisdom You’ve placed there.  When we look
into Your holy Word, Lord, please open our eyes that we may 
behold wonderful things therein.  We adore You dear Creator 
God.  In the wonderful name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, 
we pray, amen.

*  We are under no biblical obligation to mistranslate this
    word to mean  the rapture of the church !  The literal English
    Bibles don't.  Why should we?

2nd Quarter Blogs


Week of 4/3-7  B14;17

The Sweet Dynamic Of The Body Of Christ

In this blog we'd like to express thanksgiving for another

ministry:  The Billy Graham Association.

A recent publication of  Decision  (magazine) rightly addressed
some of the "Big Lies" of our culture.  AMEN!  Many Bible 
passages regarding end-time deception are unfolding TODAY!

This ministry is also committed to addressing another Big Global
Lie, and it's this:

"Eternity  ≠  FOREVER."

Mediums of our day have assaulted the real meaning of
"eternity" for quite some time.  The deceptive message that
eternity really isn't forever  is just that, a lie fostering ongoing
bondage to the dark one.

Instead of succumbing to this lie, the Billy Graham ministries
continue to affirm the Truth:  Eternity  IS  FOREVER  and  go on
to point to the One - Jesus Christ - Who alone is able to transi-
tion believers (who receive Him) out of everlasting darkness
into the eternal Kingdom of God's dear Son.  God be praised!

YES, our loving God is still offering  salvation  to those who
would accept His precious, eternal provision in Jesus Christ.

Father, THANK YOU for the ongoing ministries of the Billy
Graham Association.  As our Brother Franklin presses on in
Your eternal Kingdom work, please continue to grant wisdom
and boldness in the context of the love and compassion of
Christ Jesus Your only Son.  Thank You for this ministry.  And
Lord, help folks discern the gravity of rejecting Your Son, the
Savior of mankind, for eternity without You is just that - it's
forever ... and it's very dark.  Even so, please come quickly
Lord Jesus.  Amen


Week of 4/10-14  B15;17

'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus, Just To Take Him At His Word

God, as our loving Heavenly Father, allows those of us who are
in Christ such blessing.  Yes, we've been graciously granted all
the heavenly blessings in our Lord Jesus and find they are
especially experienced as we abide in the Vine and walk in
His Spirit.

In this setting we praise His holy name.

While our position in our Lord is sweet, there's yet another 
Divine source of spiritual blessing which He kindly and so
generously bestows:  His Word.

This Saturday will air the 4th broadcast in our six-month series
titled, Building Biblical End-Time Perspective.  It features end-
time principles (to live by) from some chapters in Daniel.

Because the Word of God so speaks to  our  day - yes, yet 
another clear indication the Bible is a supernatural revelation
from the One True, all-knowing , eternal God - our broadcast
this week touches upon one of the culturally relevant reoccurring
themes from this awesome book (of Daniel).  We've also gone 
on to highlight (in this Saturday's 4/15 broadcast) one contem-
porary medium which promotes this end-time Bible prediction:
Deceptive appeals, appeals including calls to compromise our 
faith, will be made during the end of days prior to our Lord's initial 
appearing.  What a day to be living for our glorious, soon-coming 

I say it again for emphasis' sake:  God's Word is amazing!

Please take advantage of this helpful, insightful broadcast.
Go to  www.truetalk800.com  at 10:30 a.m. (PT)  THIS coming
Saturday, April 15th.  Simply click the "Listen Live" link (at the
top of the page) and you'll be good to go.  Do note:  While this
broadcast has been pre-recorded, it is  live programming  so 
you must tune in at the 10:30 hour in order to catch this Daniel
broadcast.  For those of you who reside in the Portland Metro
area, tune in at the 800 AM dial, again, at the 10:30 hour.  If
you can't catch these live broadcasts, you can listen to them
at a later time by going to  www.heartofthesaviorministries.org
(click the "broadcasts" tab at the top of the page).  The end-time
programs are brought by Leslie and her guest, Jon Swanson,
Endurance Ministries' director of field services.

Dear Abba God, please use these Bible-based broadcasts
which highlight Your Word.  Please open our eyes and ears
and bring fruit unto Your glory and praise as Your Word is
proclaimed and heeded.  And may this  heeding  include our
using Your Word to better discern our dark, satanic culture.
In Christ Jesus' name we pray.  Amen 


Week of 4/17-21  (B16;17) 

Spiritual EBOLA

Did you catch the showing of the movie, Facing Darkness

This  Samaritan's Purse  production testifies of the grave 
darkness the Ebola virus is to mankind.  

And yet, in the context of eternity, we are facing a much greater
threat:  A threat I'd like to call  Spiritual Ebola.

There are MANY parallels in the movie (addressing the threats
of the Ebola virus) to the  really real  world.  I'd like to address
only one in this blog.

There is a place in the movie where misinformed Africans were
actually charging medical personnel with blame, saying the
doctors, nurses, etc. were the ones who were to be faulted.

In similar manner, some misinformed  Christians  are judging 
God's people (who are calling His people in Jesus Christ to be
attentive to the actual messages of His Word), labeling them false
teachers, sowers of dissension, faith opponents, and the like. 
These false judges are actually battling Christ's Ambassadors
who simply pass on the Lord's very messages which He has
given to His end-time people.  The degree of deception in this
is almost difficult to accept yet it is indeed taking place all round

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness
for light and light for darkness"  Scripture tells us in Isaiah 5:20.  

Dear and true Family in Christ:  God's explicit Word is Truth!  Listen
to those who faithfully expose the end-time deceptions of our day.
Overcome those wolves in sheep's clothing in our churches, those
who deny God's clear moral standards and who go on to praise the
very acts which are abominations before Holy God.  Discern those 
who bring false end-time prophetic messages! 

The misinformed Africans were eventually exposed  but  only 
AFTER  bringing great harm.  Satan's instruments who deny God's 
clear Truths will eventually be exposed  but  not before they pull 
many into the eternal Lake of Fire.  DON'T BE MISLED  by these 
false proclaimers.

CRUCIAL question:  What is  the means  we have to correctly
identify those who call evil good and good evil?  Answer:  The
Word of God. 

As True followers of Jesus Christ, we will be known, in part, by
this fruit:  We are people of the Book.  So one could ask:

Does the one in question  honor  God's holy Word  or  does this
person  reject  it?  A tree is known by its fruit.  This fruit includes
one's view on the Bible - the REVELATION of God Most High.

Holy Father, THANK YOU for gracing us with Your precious Word.
Thank You for speaking clearly therein.  Thank You for kindly
warning us about the evils of the end of days.  Thank You for
allowing us Your lamp unto our feet / Your light unto our path.
We praise You dear from-everlasting-to-everlasting God.  As
we remain true and endure to the end,  may Your sweet Spirit
continue directing us whereby HIS fruit is graciously expressed
as we abide in Your Son, our Vine.  We love You Father.  Thank
You for first loving us.  In Jesus Christ we pray, amen. 


Week of 4/24-28  (B17;17)   [ FB ]

Our Prophetic, "Thus Says The Lord" Appeals

History is once again, as we speak, repeating itself.  It is doing so,
in part, in the context of  false end-time appeals, ones which include

A.  the appeal the Rapture will take place in September of this
      year,   and,

B.  the Rapture could happen at any time ( the popular but 
      unbiblical  doctrine of imminence). 

These current cultural affairs (that is, "A" and "B" above) are 
directly tied to our first  thus says the Lord  appeal:

1.  No Rapture will take place in 2016 or 2017.   (II Thes. 2)
     (We began making this appeal last year - 2016.)

Our other prophetic appeals are these:

2.  The Second Coming of the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, will
      take place in a three-fold manner as outlined in our book,
      The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction.
      (Mt. 24, 25)

3.  WATCH!   (Mark 13)

      Jesus Christ has outlined just how we are to do so ... and
      His Counsel is often quite different than some of the end-
      time (false) prophetic teachers of our day.

4.  The signs of Mt. 24:4-29 will take place BEFORE the sign
      of the Son of Man - the initial appearing of our Lord Jesus.
      (Mt. 24)

5.  Three most popular  end-time perspectives  in churches
      today - Pan Mil/Pan Trib, Pre-Trib Rapture and Preterism -
      UNDERMINE  readiness  as mandated by our Lord Jesus.
      They foster unpreparedness and are most dangerous  IF
      held dogmatically (for example, to the extent that other
      more biblical end-time positions are not considered).


7.  The end-time chronology of Mt. 24, 25 and Revelation (as
      we're presenting it through Endurance Ministries) will 
      unfold in said order.  

The above are  "thus says the Lord"  appeals.

Below is a more tentative (less-than-certain) appeal, one we've
made last year and one which we believe will take place: 

The Covenant of Daniel 9:27 will most likely be made BEFORE

We have made (over the Internet, through radio broadcasts
and pulpit, seminar and conference settings) specific prophetic
announcements as we seek to Ambassador on our Lord Jesus
Christ's behalf.  The clear prophetic appeals above are expressed
as a result of the love which Jesus Christ has graciously given to
us for His Church.  May our ministry appeals serve to further help
God's people in Jesus Christ to be watchful as the King of kings
has so outlined.  As we watch, we continue in passionate appeal:
Even so, please come quickly Lord Jesus! 

Father God, we speak Your Truths in love with the intent of
ministering to Your people.  May we heed Your instructions 
as to living as Your lights in these closing  end of days  before
Your Son returns.  Please also grant two additional fruits as
a result of our labors:  1.  God's people are served in light of
Your Counsel;  2.  You are glorified.  In Christ Jesus' holy
and precious name we pray.  Amen


Week of 5/1-5  (B18;17)   [ FB ]

What's NEXT On The BIBLICAL Prophetic Calendar

Be looking for the following events to unfold soon
(Note:  Not necessarily in the order below   and   YES,
you're correct, the Rapture event is  NOT  the next
event on the prophetic calendar!) :

~  Continued growth of deception and unrighteousness

~  Growing outward acts of hateful violence against God's people
     in Jesus Christ (this is a part of the growing general unrest -
     which includes the taking of peace from the earth - as predicted
     in the 2nd Seal and as foretold by our Lord Jesus when He
     spoke of increased persecution in Mt. 24:9ff)

~  The 3rd Seal will bring famine (this event is yet future - as 
     are the other events below - as of the posting of this blog)

~  The tax imposer will begin a short period of taxation on the
     glorious kingdom - Daniel 11:20ff - but his work will be short

~  Though possibly not generally recognized, 10 kings will begin
     increased actions in support of the rule of the antichrist

~  The antichrist will be revealed (II Thes. 2), in part, through his
     uprooting 3 of the 10 kings

~  Prophets and teachers of the worldly church will further promote
     the  Temple Project , the one which will eventually be taken over
     by the  man of sin  upon the setting up of the Abomination of
     Desolation, possibly including the effort to resume the Old Cov-
     enant sacrificial offerings.  (Please note well:  These offerings,
     we NEED to add - if they are indeed implemented - are clear
     abominations to YHVH God in light of His eternal provision in
     the Lamb of God, in Whom He was most pleased!)   

~  The Daniel 9 Covenant is coming soon.  When this takes place,
     those who honor the Word of God will  experientially  know  the
     Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a false-hope teaching.  Question:  Will
     we honor God at this time by accepting His Truths concerning the
     days of the end prior to His Son's glorious initial appearing  OR  
     will we choose to persist in even further degrees of deception?

~  In light of biblical Truth, what are some additional things which
     will take place during this Second Wave ?

Sweet Creator God, we praise You.  We so thank You for the three
highlights in the history of mankind:  Creation; Christ & Cross; and
Consummation.  You are the holy Centerpiece in it all.  In fact, Lord
God, in You all things consist.  Thank You for being preeminent and
sufficient in relationship to reconciling  lost humanity  through Your
glorious provision.  Thank You for the ETERNAL Covenant in Jesus
Christ Your Lamb of Hope on our behalf.  We exalt You oh eternal
One!   In Jesus Christ's name,  amen. 


Week of 5/8-12  (B19;17) 

In Light Of What's Coming, How Shall We Now Live?

Sincerely, in answer to the question above, we must further build
perspective  in light of biblical Truths.  This includes a  RESOLVE
to stay true - to be the  overcomers  who remain faithful, who refuse
to fall away unto destruction.  Yes, our Lord clearly states:

1.  Watch                                               see Mark 13:37

2.  Endure to the end                          see Matthew 24:13

3.  Whoever seeks to save                  see Luke 17:33
      his live will lose it but
      whoever loses his life 
      for Christ's sake will
      save it. 

Do you recall the  "Wolf! Wolf!  Syndrome"  we highlighted in past
blogs and/or on our frequently asked questions pages?  We need
to revisit this aspect of  preparedness perspective  due to all the
appeals to become as the town people (in Aesop's fable long ago)
did - they stopped believing the appeals that danger was present. 

In like manner, because there are so many FALSE prophetic 
appeals (that is, end-time "Wolf! Wolf! appeals), some fall prey
to a  wolf  of another kind - the  wolf  of deception, like that of the
town folks, for they eventually adopted a mindset which fostered
a closed mind to fair warning.  

There's a similar thing taking place today:  MANY have stopped
listening to True (that is, genuinely BIBLICAL) appeals because
of all the false prophetic appeals they've experienced and/or
heard about these past few decades.  Please see our past 
appeals along these lines below.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3 

In light of this crucial truism, PLEASE don't stop listening to those
who are clearly making Bible-based, thus says the Lord  appeals.
Discern this dark trap because  one day the fulfillments of end-
time Bible prophecy will indeed unfold.  Jesus Christ will one
day appear.  
In wise response to clear biblical Counsel, we need
to live out a Word-based perspective when it comes to end time
concerns.  We are to be ready, watching and discerning the times
(in light of biblical Truth)  and  endure in the setting of the dark
days of the end.

Lord God, once again we can't help but bring to Your ears, shouts
of thanksgiving and praise due to the sweet Counsel You've so
graciously provided in Your Word.  LORD, in response, we do
bring our praises before You.
  Continue, please, to open our
eyes whereby we see Your insights as we live in a very satanic
culture.  Help us be Your loving lights to those who know You 
not.  And LORD God, THANK YOU for putting eternity in our
hearts whereby we avoid the  tyrannies of the urgent  and, in
contrast, are living in a way which is committed to Your eternal
Truths.  In Christ Jesus' holy name we pray, amen.


Week of 5/15-19  (B20;17) 

It Is Well With My Soul (Part 1)

What a blessing!  Last week's radio programs (which
featured the Book of Revelation) were outstanding.  By
God's kind moving, He led us to excellence.  

We ...

1.  highlighted an end-time, internal-to-the-book outline;
2.  exalted the eternal Triune Creator God;
3.  exposed deception by bringing a warning concerning
          the spirit of antichrist;
4.  presented the Gospel;   and,
5.  encouraged  Bible-based  discipleship (a missing
          ingredient in many churches today).

In this setting it's no wonder we are persecuted for 
righteousness' sake.  Darkness hates the basic Kingdom
things of God, especially provided by the Word of God,
Jesus Christ.  

With His big picture in mind, I so enjoy His  peace  and  joy
and bring testimony of praise to the worthy One.

Loving God, because of  YOU,  it is well with my soul.
In Christ Jesus' holy name I bring this expression of 
sincere adoration in response to Your loving kindness 
to us.  Amen 


Week of 5/22-26  (B21;17)   [ FB ]

It Is Well With My Soul (Part 2)

Do you recall the 4th stanza of this favorite hymn?

It reads this way:

     And Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
     The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
     The Trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend:
     Even so, it is well with my soul.

Author Horatio Spafford (1828-1888) takes certain 
Truths from Scripture ...

     1.  from Revelation 6:14-17          "the clouds be rolled
                                                                  back as a scroll"
     2.  from Matt. 24:30, I Cor. 15        "the Trump shall 
              & I Thes 4:13-18                          resound"
     3.  from Revelation 19                    "and the Lord shall

... and weaves these Truths into this awesome verse.

CLICK HERE  for a visual aid on this matter of the 3-fold
Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Blessed Hope, we praise and exalt Your glorious name.
Thank You for the sweet Hope You so graciously and so
abundantly extend to humanity.  You have invited us to Your
banquet.  May we dress in appropriate attire (may we be 
found  in Your Son) and be worthy to be the few that are
chosen among the many that are called.  In this precious
state, as members of Your Bride, we individually declare:  
"It is WELL with my soul!"  In Jesus Christ's name we
pray, amen. 


Week of 5/29 - 6/2 (B22;17) 

Seeking Help And To Be Of Help ...

You may have heard about the present false end-time teaching
that, some how, some way, continues to grow in popularity.  It's
the idea that the Rapture event will take place this September. 

Speaking the Truth in love:  The Rapture of the Church will
NOT take place (in light of the explicit Word of God) in 2017.
This includes the month of September. 

In response to yet another contribution to the "Wolf! Wolf!"
syndrome (see blog B19;17 above), we have been granted
the means to produce a  third  printing of our book,  The 
Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction.
You Lord!

This new printing run adds helpful charts which were not
included in the first two printing rounds of this edition.  It 
also includes minor updates pertinent to some recent 
cultural events.

Our  OFFER  to you, our (blog-) reading audience:

Could you help us  further disciple God's Saints in Jesus
Christ by making a financial donation of $25 or greater
toward the support of our service efforts?  In turn, we will 
gift you with this third printing copy of the book mentioned 
above.  We need additional donors to help us take some 
important next-step actions concerning some  new  ministry 
opportunities.  For those of you who need to see additional 
information as to our Kingdom commitments - our purposes/
objectives, etc. - please click  this link.

If you choose to send your donation via snail mail, please
send your gift to:

      Endurance Ministries
      P.O. Box 92098
      Portland, OR  97292

If you would like to make an on-line donation, please use 
this link:  CLICK HERE

THANK YOU for prayerfully considering sending us a gift in
support of God's eternal Kingdom work.  May the Lord of 
lords and King of kings bless and keep you as you continue
Ambassadoring on His behalf.

YHVH God, thank You for You!  We praise You for being the one
True God Who created the universe and all things therein in six
evening-and-morning  days.  We praise You for sustaining Your
Creation.  We exalt You for being willing to purchase - at great
cost - humanity's salvation through the eternal Word incarnate.  
May Your cleansing blood as presented in Your atoning sacrifice 
almost 2,000 years ago be MOST fruitful unto Your glory and
praise.  And Lord, thank You for being faithful to Your Word.
The detail of Your prophetic revelation concerning Your return
is indescribable - it's amazing.  Blessed be!  In Christ Jesus'
holy and precious name we pray, amen.  


Week of 6/5 - 9  (B23;17) 

End-Time TRUTH Seekers:  Did YOU Catch It?

You know, at this juncture, if you've been reading our blogs,
we honor God's Word as to its proper place as THE foundation
upon which we build accurate end-time perspective.

For decades we've made the appeal:  Let's build our end-time
view on explicit  BIBLE  Truth.  It's with joy and thanksgiving we
bring the following testimony concerning a Brother in Christ
who also makes the appeal that we define our eschatological
position on the basis of biblical data.

We praise our Lord for Marv Rosenthal and his recent Bible-based
observation, one which we've been making for many years now:

     " 1. The designation 'Tribulation' period is used
           throughout this article [titled, The Deception]
           as a synonym for the seventieth week of Daniel 
           because the term is widely used this way.  
           However, it should be understood that the Bible 
           never designates Daniel's seventieth week as 
           the 'Tribulation Period.' 
"  (see the Nov/Dec 2016 
           edition of  Zion's Fire ; pg. 13 footnote ; the bold 
           emphasis is ours) *

In other words, as we at Endurance Ministries would put it:  
The Bible, including the Matthew 24 passage, does NOT
teach the "Tribulation Period"  is  Daniel's 70th Week!

Definitions are indeed crucial in building correct end-time per-
spective and we MUST do so (that is, we must build our end-time
definitions) on Bible Truth.  Please review our many appeals along
these lines in our previous FAQs and BLOGS.  (for example, see
FAQ #36,  FAQ #38,  FAQ #41  and  BLOGS  B37;16,  B42;16  
and  B10;17)

One other thing:

Will Marv decide to continue basing his end-time view on Bible
authority  OR  will he allow new definitions of mankind  (which are
harmful at times, much like the religious leaders did in our Lord's 
day - Mt. 15)  to encroach upon what the Word of God actually says?
(and this includes crucial definitions of terms and phrases)

Lord God, thank You for the sweet ways You have graciously
used your servant, Marv, over the years.  Thank You for his
ministry which has contributed to the further uncovering of 
the unbiblical end-time perspective called "Pre-Tribulation
Rapture."  Please continue to bless Marv as he places Your
Word as final authority for end-time faith and practice.  THANK
YOU for prompting him to publically confess the Bible obser-
vation above.  May Your Truths which are forever settled in
heaven continue to inform Your people in Christ Jesus Your
Son.  May the  FRUIT  of  proper  preparation be, in part,
that which You use to protect us through these in-harms-way
days.  Unto our best interests and especially unto Your glory
and praise, please help us dear Lord.  In Jesus Christ's holy
name we pray, amen.

*  And YES, I have written to Marv and David Rosenthal
    about this pressing concern. 


Week of 6/12-16  (B24;17)   [ FB ]

When Does One  BAT  1,000 ?

Spring baseball is here.  Averages are a part of the game.  
We're applying  averages, in this blog, to prophetic accuracy.

Just how well do folks hold up?

Well, it all depends on the  Truth Foundation  upon which one
builds prophetic perspective.  IF one draws from the explicit 
biblical text (and ties the many passages together in correct
manner), then one can (all "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed) indeed
actually  bat  1000.

In this blog we're looking at an average tied to a specific  at bat.
The average we're considering this week is not a  WHOLE  
average (on the entirety of Bible prophecy concerning the end
of days)  BUT  is only an average as to accuracy concerning 
this  prophetic detail: 

"Jesus Christ will NOT come today." 

So how have we at  Endurance Ministries  fared?  We succeed
in relationship to how faithful we handle the Word of God.  In 
this case we'll highlight one passage we rely upon to come to,
in part, the prophetic declaration above.  It's  II Thessalonians 2.

The first few verses of this passage say this:

"Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon
shaken in mind or troubled ... as though the day of Christ had
come.  Let no one deceive you by any means; for  that Day will
not come  
unless the falling away comes first, and the man of
sin is revealed, the son of perdition ..."   (II Thes. 2:1-3 ; NKJV)

We believe the day of Christ  (beginning with  the coming of 
our Lord Jesus Christ  
and  going on to include  our gathering 
together to Him
)  will not begin  until  two things take place:

1.  the falling away unfolds  (presently taking place today)
2.  the man of lawlessness is revealed  (yet future to this blog)

So how does this relate to  prophetic  batting  averages ?

Great question ... glad you asked!     

In light of THIS passage (and others which we're not addressing
in this blog), we state the Lord will NOT come (even His initial
appearing) until the apostasy and the revealing of the man of
sin occur.  We have been teaching this for decades.  So, by
God's grace based upon His explicit Word, here's our pro-
phetic batting average when it comes to our Lord's coming:

We are batting 1,000.  We'll use January 1st, 2000 as the day
we begin our statistical inquiry for purposes here (even though
we've been making the claim immediately below since the late

In light of biblical Truth, we have been saying,  "Jesus Christ
will NOT come today."
  Since January 1st of 2000, we have
batted 1,000.  Jesus Christ has NOT come, day after day after
day ... .  Using the January 1st, 2000 date, there have now been
over 6,300  at bats  for us on this topic.  In other words, making 
this claim daily, we have done so (and have been correct in this
prophetic announcement) well over 6,000 times.  Pretty impressive?
Yes, in one sense given there are those who incorrectly teach
Jesus Christ can come at any time.  Fact is, He will not come until
the apostasy takes place and the man of sin is revealed.  

So where does this leave us? 

We continue to declare the  secret  as to prophetic accuracy (that 
is,  batting 1,000) :   The Word of God is truth and is  always  
accurate.  This includes end-time prophecy! 

Care to be a Berean?  Join us this next quarter as we read His
accurate prophetic Word on a daily basis.  The reading schedule
will be posted in our next blog.

Faithful Father, we so THANK YOU for Your kind  map  to us.
Thank You for Your Word!  May You open our eyes through
Your Spirit's illuminating ministry as we read Your Truths
forever settled in heaven and thus behold wonderful things
therein.  Lord, help us to  bat  1,000.  Help us to accurately
handle Your Word and let it say what it says.  And Lord, if
there's anyone reading this prayer who is not yet covered
by Your Instrument of salvation - Your Son - please lead 
them to click  this link.  Unto Your glory and praise we 
pray.  In Jesus Christ's name we pray.  Amen 

(See blog B13;17 above for more information about II Thes. 2.)


Week of 6/19-23  (B25;17) 

Our 2017 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (July - September)

The Word of God - the Bible - continues to demonstrate God's
omniscience RE: the days of the end.  What  INSIGHT  is ours  IF
we but  listen to  His wisdom forever settled in heaven.

July 1     I John 1
July 2     I John 2
July 3     I John 3
July 4     I John 4
July 5     I John 5
July 6     II John 
July 7     III John
July 8     I Peter 1
July 9     I Peter 2
July 10   I Peter 3
July 11   I Peter 4
July 12   I Peter 5
July 13   II Peter 1
July 14   II Peter 2
July 15   II Peter 3
July 16   Matthew 24
July 17   Matthew 25
July 18   Mark 13
July 19   Luke 21
July 20   Psalm 50
July 21   Psalm 51
July 22   Psalm 52
July 23   Psalm 53
July 24   Psalm 54
July 25   Psalm 55
July 26   Psalm 56
July 27   Psalm 57
July 28   Psalm 58
July 29   Psalm 59
July 30   Psalm 60
July 31   Psalm 61

August 1   Daniel 1
August 2   Daniel 2
...  etc.  ...
August 11   Daniel 11
August 12   Daniel 12
August 13   I Cor. 15
August 14   I Thes. 4
August 15   II Thes. 2
August 16   Matthew 24
August 17   Luke 12
August 18   Luke 17
August 19   I Thes. 5
August 20   I Tim. 4
August 21   II Tim. 3
August 22   II Tim. 4
August 23   Titus 2
August 24   John 14
August 25   John 15
August 26   John 16
August 27   John 17
August 28   John 18
August 29   John 19
August 30   John 20
August 31   John 21

September 1   Revelation 1
September 2   Rev. 2
...  etc.  ...
September 21  Rev. 21
September 22  Rev. 22
September 23  Deut. 13 & 18
September 24  Jer. 23
September 25  II Peter 1
September 26  II Peter 2
September 27  Hebrews 10
September 28  Heb. 11
September 29  Heb. 12
September 30  Heb. 13

Awesome God of glory, God of grace, we praise You for Your
greatness.  We bow amazed at Your sweet qualities and we 
stand in awe of You.  Please illumine our minds as we read Your
love map to us.  And THANK YOU for helping us seek Your face
through the gifts of Your Word (both the incarnate Word of God 
and the written Word of God)  AND  Your Holy Spirit.  In Jesus
Christ's holy name we pray.  Amen 


Week of 6/26-30  (B26;17) 

As HIS Word So Accurately Predicts:  Growing Persecution 

In the context of increasing persecution toward those who live
godly in Christ Jesus, we find the anti-Constitution, anti-christ 
oppostion getting even more bold (in the public arena) as they
further express their opposition to personal religious freedoms.

Ponder this  HUGE, short (less than 3-minute) example, please:


Scripture is clear on end-time chronology and themes which
express themselves during the days of the end.  The above link
is only one of literally hundreds of examples as to contemporary
expressions of the end-time theme of  persecution.  

We bring this reality-check this week because it's time the
faithful Church in Jesus Christ better develop  enduring  per-
spective in preparation for the days ahead.  We bring this
appeal because we are most concerned about apostasy 
forewarned by our Lord as outlined in His Word.  We need
to shore up our resolve to stay true to Jesus Christ, the
Way, the Truth and the Life, without Whom, no one can
come to Father YHVH God.

Father God, thank You for building our perspective (in light of Your
Word) whereby we can better discern our ungodly day and are thus
better equipped to be Your Ambassadors of light and love to this 
dark, satanic world.  Help us, in the context of growing persecution
and wickedness, YES, please help us avoid allowing our love to
grow cold.  May our love - expressed in part, through tough-love
appeal - actually be YOUR love shining through us as we share 
Your Good News and disciple toward greater Christ-likeness.
Alleluia God Most High.  Amen


3rd Quarter Blogs

Week of 7/3-7  (B27;17) 

I'm A  HAPPY  Second

In our home, Jesus Christ is the Centerpiece.  This is also true of
our marriage.  Nancy and I find joy and great fulfillment in our
oneness due to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  This means, in part,
that Nancy puts Jesus Christ above me.  BUMMER?  No way!

It's actually a huge blessing.  You see, in Him, we are able to
be those spouses who love and honor one another in most
precious ways.  Our marriage, by God's grace, is wonderful.

So do I feel betrayed that I am not the #1 person in her life?
Absolutely not.  I'm a happy (that is, a joyful and most content)
second - her husband critter (Nancy fondly calls me "critter").
Together we praise the One Who has kindly made us one flesh. 
(Ps. 34:3 was used in my marriage proposal over 15 years ago.)

In prayer to our heavenly Husband and soon-coming King ...

Precious Husband-to-be, Your kind and most generous love
for us is SO sweet!  We magnify Your glorious name.  Even so,
in our longing for Your return, we cry:  "Please come quickly
dear Master."  In Your beloved and treasured name we pray,

PS    The following blog (B28;17) began as a result of a recent
        quiet time my wife and I enjoyed together.  Christian couples,
        we suggest having some devotional reading and prayer
        together.  It's a sweet part of our wonderful marriage.  God
        is so very good! 


Week of 7/10-14  (B28;17) 

The Cult Of Unbiblical Grace Continues Its Ugly False Judgments

Our end-time ministry efforts continue in spiritual warfare.

This warfare includes battles in the context of inaccurate gossip
from some who sound very much like members of the Cult of
Unbiblical Grace.  To mention one example, some have incorrectly
charged us with teaching a  regenerative works  salvation.

(Note:  It's interesting to us that members of God's Family in Jesus
Christ continue to be quiet - not completely silent, but quiet - about
our appeals concerning end-time chronology.  Is this because our
presentations are so explicitly  biblical  that they find it difficult to
raise substantive appeals?  Perhaps)

On to the concern of one major false teaching of our day ...

Some imbalanced church folk speak so strongly about one side
of God's grace that they become unbiblical in their understanding of
God's holistic picture of grace.  One fruit of this half-truth perspective 
is tied to the appeal that those in Christ need not concern themselves 
with good works.  

( Please recall James 2:24:  "You see then that a man is justified*
   by works, and not by faith only."  [* emphasis mine ; NKJV]  
   *  NB:  James does NOT use the word "regenerated" nor does he
         use the word "sanctified" in this verse!  He, under the inspiration
         of the Divine Author, uses  "justified" in the context of defining,
         in part, saving faith - vs. 14 ! )

Our (Endurance Ministries') Bible  appeals  on this crucial topic
are, by some of these folks, ignored.  Perhaps they will listen to
another Evangelical who also honors the full Counsel of God's 
Word over contemporary American Christian traditions, traditions
that are dangerously close to fostering this response from our
Lord:  " ... I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice
lawlessness!"  (Mt. 7:23 ; NKJV)

Quoting James Montgomery Boice from  The Glory of God's 
,  as he concludes his fifth chapter:

        John Gerstner, whom I referred to earlier, has called this "a
    built-in apologetic" for Christianity.  It is because no one but God
    could think up a religion like this.  You and I would do it in either
    one of two ways.  Either we would emphasize morality and end 
    up saying that a person can justify himself by good works.  Or
    else we would emphasize grace and teach that works do not
    matter, that it is possible to be saved by grace and yet be utterly
    unchanged.  For us an emphasis on works leads to self-salvation.
    An emphasis on grace leads to antinomianism.  But the true
    Christian religion, while it proclaims pure grace with no
    meritorious contribution from man mixed with  it, neverthe-
    less at the same time requires of Christians the highest 
    possible degree of moral conduct.
       Not for a moment can we suppose that there is anything
    we can do to earn or even contribute to our salvation.  
    Salvation is truly and utterly by the grace of God alone.
    But if we are saved by that grace, that is, if we are who
    we claim to be as Christians, we will be abounding in
    good works lived by the new life of Christ within, works
    that glorify him.   (pg. 74)

PRETTY COOL !  "Balance," once again, is shown to be 
a BIG word! 

Father, thank You for beginning a good work in us at the
time of our new (spiritual) birth.  The GRACE demonstrated
at the cross of Christ Your Son continues to be unmatched.
And THANK YOU for continuing that good work in us - for it
is indeed You Who are at work in Your true people both to will 
and to do Your good pleasure!  Thank You that Your grace is 
not exhausted at the cross but that You graciously allow us to
be Your children in Christ - as we walk in Your Spirit and as
we abide in Your Vine - who praise You through our new
lives ... as living sacrifices unto Your glory and praise!  Lord
God, THANK YOU for blessing us with this honor.  May we
be those who hear You say, on the day of accounting, "Well
done My good and faithful servant."  Glory to God!  In Jesus
Christ's saving name we pray, amen.


Week of 7/17-21  (B29;17) 

Fulfilling His Purpose As His Ongoing Grace Continues

[  We at Endurance Ministries are graced with quality board members.
      The following blog was written by our chief financial officer.  ]

Jon and I are blessed to live in the majestic Pacific Northwest.  God's
creative handiwork surrounds us - from the luxuriant green of trees
and vegetation to the blue and white of cloud-studded skies.  Rivers,
streams, mountains, hills are everywhere in sight.  But consistent 
with living in a temporal, fallen world, there's also the occasional
brown or gray of a once-stately, verdant, full-of-life tree that's now
approaching the end of its time on earth and soon to die.

Case in point:  We were on a walk recently on a four-mile loop of
forestland.  Jon, a true outdoorsman, often uses excursions like 
this to teach his "former-city-girl/mountain-woman-in-training"
wife about the miracles of our God's creative genius.  We hadn't
been out long when Jon spotted a very brown tree that had said
goodbye to its foliage and more than a few of its branches.  It
might soon become firewood, but right now it's at the end of its
life cycle and obediently fulfilling its "final commission."

Jon explained that our Creator has so magnificently designed pine
trees that, once the decay and deterioration of oncoming death
set in, they often generate pinecones that will provide much seed
for new life.  Such was the case with this tree.  While much of its
lower trunk was bare, the top branches still reached up to heaven -
filled with pinecones.

This nature lesson grew into a talk that blessed and challenged both
of us.  Isn't this precisely what should happen in our lives as born-
again believers?  As God continues to bring life and energy for devo-
tion to Him, shouldn't the fruit of His Spirit become increasingly evident
as we age?  What about our concern for those who don't know Him
yet and our faithful testimony to and before them?  As we "continue to
mature in the Vine," shouldn't our love for Him and others grow super-
abundantly in demonstrable ways as the sap of His life-giving Spirit
continues to work in and through us?

These questions brought instruction and direction from God's Word
to mind:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness,
goodness faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
  -  Galatians 5:22, 23

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your
soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.  This is the first

commandment.  And the second like it, is this:  You shall love your
neighbor as yourself.  There is no other commandment greater than
these.  -  Mark 12:30, 31

...  that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being
fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.
-  Colossians 1:10

During His time on earth, the Lord Jesus was always intent on ful-
filling His God-appointed purpose while here among us. He said,
I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night
is coming when no one can work.  -  John 9:4

Now that we're the grateful recipients - by grace, through faith - 
of the new, eternal life that He lovingly bestowed on us through
His death on the cross on our behalf, it's our joy to respond in 
obedience to His purpose for our lives. 

His praise, His honor, His glory become our focus and goal ...

I will come and proclaim Your mighty acts, O Sovereign Lord; I will
proclaim Your righteousness, Yours alone.  Since my youth, O 

God, You have taught me, and to this day I declare Your marve-
lous deeds.  Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O
God, till I declare Your power to the next generation, Your might
to all who are to come.  -  Psalm 71:16-18

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always
abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not
in vain in the Lord.  -  I Corinthians 15:58

Trees have life spans limited to this earth; but they're spent fulfilling
His creative purpose for them.  Our days here are few and brief in 
light of the endlessness of eternity.  So, Father God, teach us to
number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12).
So those days are spent loving You with all our hearts, souls, minds,
and strength - and others as ourselves.  So we, Your abiding-in-the
Vine redeemed branches, increasingly reflect the beauty, the char-
acter the wisdom and compassion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ.  So that we're usable tools in Your hand to share the "new
life" of salvation in Christ with those around us - and, as that
incredible gift takes root and grows by the power of Your Spirit,
we come alongside to disciple, to minister, to help.  So every bit
of nurture Your Spirit provides for us each day yields the eternal
fruit that only Your life in us can produce for Your honor and glory.

Trees obey You to their dying day.  What a joy and immense 
privilege You've given us to lovingly and obediently respond to
the enormity of Your love for us both now and when we step into
eternity with You!  May You be pleased, our Savior, Lord, God 
and King ...

I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose 
for me.
  -  Psalm 57:2 (NIV)


Week of 7/24-28  (B30;17)   [ FB ]

Why  "The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering"  Title ?

Thank you for asking in an open-ended way that allows us
the opportunity to bring answer! 


We wanted the title of our position to reflect a crucial aspect
or quality of our end-time viewpoint:  We, by God's leading,
enjoy an  explicitly biblical  position.  As a result, we have
chosen this title for the following reasons: 

1.  Our being changed takes place at the twinkling of an eye
     at the  last  or  final trumpet  of I Cor. 15:51, 52.  This is
     a Bible fact.

2.  Our culture, especially here in America, has used a Latin 
     word as a title to describe the  gathering together  of the
     Church.  The English word is "rapture."  We use this word
     (rapture) to bring clarity as to the specific end-time event
     of which we are speaking.

3.  Our "gathering together to Him"  (see II Thes. 2:1)  also
     touches upon one distinctive of this end-time position:  This
     gathering  is also seen highlighted in Matthew 24:31 where
     the same Greek word is used (only in verb form).

4.  And finally, the article "the" speaks to a specific end-time
     position, one having multiple distinctives that are highlighted
     in our on-line literature pages which define the view.

At this juncture, we are not aware of other end-time writers who
use the  full title  as given in this blog's title above.  IF a time comes
when others choose to adopt this title, please note:  We may not
agree with their additions to the initial position which we've outlined
in our book, The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction
(now available in the updated 3rd printing of the first edition)  and
on our many web sites.  We state this here given how darkness 
often seeks to undermine Bible-honoring appeals by deceptively
using (that is, falsely representing) Truths outlined by YHWH God.

Precious Lord Jesus:  Maranatha!  (our Lord, come!)  We thank You
that we miss the eternal wrath to come - separation from You through
eternity - and that we will miss the upcoming bowls of Your wrath,
those which follow our final trumpet rapture translation.  Thank You
for I Thes. 4, John 14, I Cor. 15, Mt. 24:31 and Rev. 11 & 14 which
speak to the gathering together of Your Saints.  May You help us
apply the themes in Your Word which speak to end-time living
today.  May we be Your end-time evangelists who disciple unto
greater Christ-likeness.  Unto Your glory and praise we ask these
things, amen. 


Week of 7/31- 8/4  (B31;17) 

Purposeful, God-Honoring Gleaning From His Word

In a recent devotional time together, my beloved and I read
John 11 - the story of Lazarus.

I'd like to emphasize one biblical Truth in this blog and then go
on to tie it to a contemporary end-time concern.

~  Jesus Christ knows all men.  (John 2:24)
~  Jesus Christ discerned men were about to try to force Him
      to be king.  (John 6:15)
~  God's Messianic plan (in Jesus Christ) was radically different
      than the Messianic expectations of men.  (e.g., Many thought
      He would overthrow the Roman rule but God's deliverance 
      was spiritual - deliverance from bondage to the dark one and
      from the bondage of sin leading to death.)

While the sisters of Lazarus told Jesus, "Lord, if You had been
here, my brother would not have died,"  (John 11:21, 32 ; NKJV)
our Lord had an even better plan - God's glory in the raising of

Concluding principle:   Human  conjectures  are often not what
                                          God has in mind.  God's ways are higher
                                          than our ways.

Transitioning to a current cultural affair ...

In the May/June publication of  Zion's Fire, Marv Rosenthal, in
addressing the astronomical signs of Revelation 6:12, 13, writes,
"Second, following the cosmic disturbance, the sign of Christ's
coming will be seen in the heavens.  Jesus taught, 'And then
[after the cosmic disturbance] shall appear the sign of the Son
of Man in heaven'  (Matthew 24:30).  The cosmic disturbance
will blot out light upon the earth.  The natural light sources will
be 'switched off.'  There will be no sunlight, moonlight, or star-
light.  The earth will be totally darkened - awesome, fearful,
worldwide darkness as has never before happened."  (pg. 18
in the May/June 2017 edition of  Zion's Fire.)  Marv makes
this claim  four  times in the quote above and is even high-
lighted in bold in another place on the same page.  (This claim
is also reinforced in the July/August edition of  Zion's Fire.)

Problem:  Our Lord  never  says (nor does the Word of God 
ever say) the following:  "There will be  no  sunlight, moonlight,
and starlight.  ...  The earth will be totally darkened at the 6th
Seal"  (as Marv claims).

In fact, an event  following  this cosmic disturbance shows light
existing  AFTER  the astronomical signs of Rev. 6:12, 13 / Mt. 24:29.
You see, Rev. 8:12 (in describing the effects of the 4th Trumpet),
states this: 

   "Then the fourth angel sounded:  And a third of the sun was
    struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a
    third of them were darkened.  A third of the day did not shine,
    and likewise the night."   (NKJV)

So here's our fair observation tied to end-time matters and
speaking biblically on this pertinent topic ...

As  men  have incorrectly speculated on aspects of Messianic
deliverance, so too does Marv incorrectly speculate on the 
effects  of the astronomical signs of Rev. 6:12, 13.

On what grounds do we raise this concern?

On the grounds of Rev. 8:12 - light on the earth, coming from
the sun, moon and stars,  exists  AFTER the 6th Seal.  It's
worth repeating in a slightly different way:  In light of Bible
Truth, light exists on the earth  after  the 4th Trumpet blast
because the Word of God says only a third of the heavenly
lights diminish.

Our appeal:  We need to affirm the whole Counsel of God's
Word.  This includes prophetically revealed details tied to the
end of days, details which our Lord has given whereby we are
prepared  for the days of the end in the manner  He  has so

This brings up one of the major differences we have with the
Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church viewpoint.  And  we're NOT
splitting hairs  
here given our Lord's Counsel that we be pre-
pared for the  entire  picture of the end of days before our final
trumpet rapture gathering.

IF  we (His Church) enter the  Day of the Lord  (as I Thes. 5:1-11
seems to teach), we must be prepared for the season of the 
Trumpet blasts before God's end-time wrath comes.  Remember,
the  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  takes place at the 7th and
final trumpet (bringing our deliverance), and this unfolds  before
the bowls of wrath are poured out on the earth dwellers.

IF Marv is wrong (concerning the matter of light being "switched
off" at the time of the astronomical signs of the 6th Seal in Rev. 6),
could he possibly, in light of God's explicit Word, be incorrect con-
cerning the timing of the rapture gathering (that is, as he teaches,
just prior to the beginning of the Day of the Lord) following His 
appearing in Rev. 6:14-17?  Does  Scripture  explicitly teach the
Pre-Wrath Rapture as defined by the position?  It actually does
not!  But God's Word does teach the final/last trumpet rapture
gathering of His Church.  We're simply making some fair 
observations and asking some fair questions at this juncture.

WHY   do we make these observations and ask these questions?

Because we genuinely care for God's sheep and hope God's 
sheep in Jesus Christ will listen to the full Counsel of His Word
as opposed to listening to and following the opinions of men.
This is a valid concern as to the protective care of God's people
who are in harm's way during the days of the end before Jesus
Christ sends His angels to gather His elect - Mt. 24:31.

There are other reasons  why  we disagree with the timing of
the Rapture as outlined in the Pre-Wrath Rapture view:

1.  Marv and others define the "Day of the Lord" differently than
     this  biblical  definition  of the Day of Christ/Day of the Lord.

2.  This Rev. 6 passage does NOT teach the rapture of the
     Church takes place at this time.

3.  Our Lord tells us (in Mt. 24:23-28)  NOT  to listen to the false
     prophets and false christs who claim Jesus can now be found
     here or there.   (Note:  The  time  when these false proclaimers
     appear, as the text of Mt. 24 clearly teaches, takes place  after  
     the great tribulation has come to an end.)

     If Marv places the false prophets and false christs  before  the 
     great tribulation, then he's simply incorrect in light of the Word
     of God, for our Lord explicitly says these lying-signs-and-wonders
     false proclaimers come  AFTER  the close of the great tribulation.  
     (By the way, if Marv says these false heralds  are active  during  the 
     great tribulation, he is faced with the same problem:  Again, the Word 
     states these particular deceivers come on the end-time scene AFTER 
     the close of the great tribulation.)  If Marv places these false christs and 
     false prophets  after  the great tribulation, then he has another problem: 
     There sincerely isn't sufficient time for this round of deception to unfold
     before, as he believes (not us), the Pre-Wrath Rapture (as he defines it) 
     occurs.  Either way, the Pre-Wrath position has a problem here,  biblically  

We need to bring a separate blog on these matters because they
are important - anything but  splitting  insignificant  hairs.  We
would like to do so  after  hearing from Marv, should he respond
to our requests to dialogue about these fair, important biblical
matters.  (And once again, yes, we have contacted  Zion's Hope
about these matters.)

Soon-coming Lord of Hosts, we thank You once again for Your
kind and generous revelation concerning the end of days before
You make Your glorious appearing.  Help us, Lord, to be ready as
YOU have so Counseled.  Help us be watchful as YOU have so
outlined.  Help us be Your beacons of light to a lost and needy
generation.  In Christ Jesus' holy and precious name we pray.


Week of 8/7-11  (B32;17)   [ FB ]

"What's In YOUR Wallet?"

You recall this popular  Capital One  advertisement, don't you?

This matter of money ties to one major aspect of life:  What's
important to us.

Here's a related question, one which deals with the shaping of
our personal definitions of "importance" : 

"What's your  Truth Foundation ?"  is a most crucial question.  In
fact, many believe it's one of the most (if not THE most) important 
questions there are.  WHY?  Because our foundational source (as
to how we know what we know) answers all other questions!

It's that important.  All topics under the sun directly or indirectly 
relate to this most basic of all starting-point question ... ALL topics,
including aspects of our salvation.  So we ask:

Concerning  justification before God,  is it defined by foundational
opinions of men (e.g., theological or denominational traditions - see
Mt. 15 on this one!)  OR  is it defined by God's holy Word?

Let me get specific ...

Is "justification before God" defined this way:

   "Justification is an act of God's free grace, wherein He
     pardoneth all our sins, and accepteth us as righteous in
     His sight, only for the righteousness of Christ, imputed to
     us, and received by faith alone."  (from  "Question 33" in
     The Shorter Catechism of  The Westminster Confession
     of Faith, Together with the Larger Catechism and the 
     Shorter Catechism - page 376)


Is it defined by God's Word, which INCLUDES this verse:

    "You see that a man is justified by works, and not
     by faith only."  (James 2:24; NKJV)

The observant reader will discern the two partial definitions
(above) are in conflict.  Oh yes they are!  In this context, they
do indeed differ:

IF  God's Word is our supreme authority for faith and practice,
we NEED to bow to HIS definitions tied to our salvation, including
both new birth in Christ  AND  ongoing life in Christ.  Please recall:
A newborn life is meant to mature.  (see blog B28;17 above)

God teaches us that our  justification  (by faith through Christ) 
in relationship to Him  (and  not  justification  in relationship to 
our fellow man - Calvin was incorrect in his interpretation of the 
James 2:14-26 passage in that Abraham, by the act of being 
willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, was justified in  God's  eyes,
not  his servants' eyes)  is both instantaneous AND progressive.
We are, by His grace, made right before God through faith, a God-
given faith that is a working faith, one demonstrating itself through
both  word  (Mt. 12:33-37)  and  action  (James 2:14-26).  When 
one divorces  faith  from  works  - that is, works His new-born
children do as they abide in the Vine and walk in God's Holy
Spirit - in an unbiblical manner, dishonoring-to-God  fruits often

Allow me to get specific to US ...

One  HUGE  problem with American Christianity is that it
has favored man's definitions of "justification" and "faith" over 
God's full Counsel as communicated in His holy Word.  As a 
result of some of these faulty definitions (in part), we have  
incorrect lifestyles  that are flourishing, ones that are 
displeasing to Almighty God.

IF  we would be  walk our faith  as He so clearly outlines in His Word, 
the  awful (ugly)  hypocrisy  modeled by the church today would
wane.  If we would but do it God's way (including the working out
of our salvation with fear and trembling - Phil. 2:12, 13), we would
find sweet change - change in our actions as we abide in the Vine
and walk in God's Spirit.  If we would live as His living sacrifices
under His indwelling empowering, our  poor witness  to the world
and our  lukewarm lives  before holy God would, to varying degrees
we obey God as we live in His resources, be corrected.

And you know what?  God has asked this of His people in Christ
Jesus our Savior.  We even love Him and His people as we obey
Him.  God's people need to rediscover, value and apply these
important Truths as we seek loving relationship with the same
God Who included John 14, 15 and I John 5 in His Word.

So  what's in  YOUR  wallet?  What's important to YOU?

Is God's Word your final authority for  faith  AND  practice
(one cannot, biblically speaking, separate the two in a holistic 
context!)  OR  is your existential house built on the shaky
opinions of man?  (Read the words of our Lord in Mt. 7:13-39
which speak to one of God's expectations of His people in
Christ His beloved Son.)

LORD, God, help us affirm the full Counsel of Your kind and
gracious revelation to us, please.  Do not allow us to be like
so many of Your Old Covenant people who abused Your kind
favor.  And LORD, if we insist on turning Your grace into that
which You speak against [read Jude 3 & 4 for one of many
examples], in Your Fatherly love for us, please discipline us,
we pray!  [see I Cor. 11:32 ; Heb. 12:1-11]  May You be honored 
and glorified as opposed to being mocked by insincere professors 
(Christians by name only).  Yes LORD, may You be honored and 
glorified as You live in and through us as we live out our new lives 
in Christ Jesus Your beloved Son.  Unto Your glory and praise we 
pray, amen. 



The following 3 blogs are taken from our book,  The Final
Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction.  (pp. 235-237)
To order the improved  3rd printing  edition of this edifying
work, please email  Endurance Ministries  using the 
"Contact Us" form to the right (above) or by sending us a 
note at  email@endmin.org. 


Week of 8/14-18  (B33;17) 

Reviewing The  DANGERS  Of The "Preterit" Perspective

This viewpoint continues to grow in spite of the many clear
reasons to reject it.  Holding this position and its teaching that 
end-time  revelation in the Word of God has already been
fulfilled in the early church era (either in full or in part) is a
most dangerous perspective indeed.

It promotes the rejection of crucial advice which has been given 
to the final generation before the return of Jesus Christ.  An  "It's
simply not for today" mentality makes one  extremely susceptible 
to ill-preparedness  due to the rejection of biblical end-time Counsel.
It denies God's revelation concerning the days before His Son's
return, revelation through which one (to cite one of many examples) 
is able to discern the many cultural characteristics of the one-world 

QUESTION  for you the reader:  To what degree are you obeying
God's protective mandates to be discerning and watching - given,
in part, to guard you from the eternally consequential lies so
prevalent in our culture today?

Yes,  1) many have been saying "it is the time of the end" 
for thousands of years, but this should not lead us to reject 
God's Counsel to be watching today.  (Do you recall the 
"Wolf, Wolf" Syndrome?)  As the early Church was instructed
to be watching and waiting for the return of Christ, so too is each
subsequent generation to be ready and watching for these events
to take place - events, our Lord says, will unfold before His return.
Our generation is obviously included in this mandate to be ready.
And yes,  2) some of these end-time signs have been expressed
through history - but Jesus Christ has not yet returned AND never
before in human history have these signs occurred to the degree
they are taking place today.  So embrace God's sweet, shepherding 
Counsel - read it and heed it - whereby you live under His protection
from the deceptions and attacks which have eternal personal

Father YHWH God, thank You for placing an emphasis on
watchfulness  in Your Word.  May Your people in Christ Jesus
Your beloved Son  heed  Your instruction to be ready for His
glorious appearing!  Help us, Lord, to do the Rev. 1:3 thing,
including the "heeding" aspect of this promised blessing!
Help us, please, discern the false teachings in some churches 
today.  Unto Your glory and praise we pray, amen. 


Week of 8/21-25  (B34;17) 

Reviewing The  DANGERS  Of The "Pan-Trib/Pan-Mil" Perspective

The attitude in majority today (among those who are interested in
Christian  things) is clearly Pan-Trib/Pan-Mil.  "It will all pan out in the
end therefore we need not concern ourselves with end-time matters"  
is a succinct sound-bite summarizing this general perspective.  Even
pastors model this attitude when they insist on NOT speaking about
end-time things - things taking place in culture TODAY.  WOW!  How
can this be?  (Under-shepherds, please read Ezek. 33 & 34.)

This is one of the most dangerous end-time perspectives to hold.
It mandates rejection of God's Word - we have been properly and
sufficiently warned against belittling end-time data.  It promotes
the fruit of ill-preparedness  to the extent one's eternal state is
in jeopardy.  It fosters an attitude most vulnerable to the very end-
time deceptions our Lord Jesus so clearly warned against.

QUESTION  for you the reader:  To what degree are you obeying
a more biblical mindset, one contrary to the "it will all pan out
in the end" mentality?  God has graciously provided important 
Counsel which you can use to get out of harm's way, spiritually

Yes,  1) it will all  pan out  in the end as the Word of God clearly
teaches.  The Bible  also  teaches  2) many will fall away from 
the faith due to personal idolatry, deceptions and persecution.  
If you agree with the first statement, you must - if you are 
consistent - believe the second.  Our life  actions  (that is,
deeds or works!) demonstrate our real faith perspective.  
Consider yourself lovingly exhorted to go back to the Word 
of God for crucial instruction for today.

Lord, help our under-shephers do what they, in part, are called to do:
Be  watchmen on the wall  whereby they give warning to Your sheep.
Lord, we simply but sincerely say:  We love You so.  Thank You
for loving us as You do - through precious  acts  which so clearly
speak to Your generous love for us.  [Romans 5:8!]  We PRAISE 
You dear God our Savior!  Through the name above all names,
Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen


Week of 8/28 - 9/1  (B35;17) 

Reviewing The  DANGERS  Of The "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" Perspective

"We will already be in glory during this time of the Tribulation Period." 
So many continue to teach today.  There's only one problem:  This is
untrue, biblically speaking.  And if one holds this view dogmatically,
one becomes anti-biblical and potentially faces eternal consequences.

Like the Pan-Trib/Pan-Mil viewpoint above, the Pre-Trib view is also a
most dangerous perspective to hold.  It mandates rejection of important 
signs of  OUR  times because "the Rapture event is sign-less and is the
next event to take place on the prophetic calendar" ... so many say.  Its 
foundation of appeal is extra-biblical content - the PRE-Trib Rapture
event is NOT taught in Scripture.  It feeds ill-preparedness  because
one of its major tenets is that we will not be here for (what  they  outline
to be) the "Tribulation Period" - another extra-biblical teaching.

QUESTION  for you the reader:  To what degree are you obeying 
God's Word concerning His people being ready and watching for the
return of Jesus Christ?  His Word says signs will  precede  His return
and those signs potentially bear eternally binding consequences if
the biblical Counsel in response to the signs goes unheeded by His 

Yes,  1) we His obedient people in Jesus Christ will not incur the
wrath of God, for we will be off the earth when the Bowls of Wrath
are poured out.  And yes,  2) it is the Word of God which serves
as the light to our path, even during these closing days of human
history.  As a result, we encourage you to go back to His Word and
discern for yourself the pertinent material in Daniel, Matthew 24, 25,
and Revelation which God has so graced us with during these 
troubled days.  If you do so, you will find the Bible does NOT teach
the Pre-Trib Rapture myth.

Dear soon-coming King, we exalt Your name together singing
alleluia - praise to Yah!  Even so, do come quickly Lord Jesus.

Additional information about the concerns of  ill-preparedness  can
be found in our book (mentioned above)  AND  on  this web page.


Week of 9/4-8  (B36;17) 

Important  RADIO  Broadcasts

We've so been enjoying our new six-month radio series (on KPDQ,
True Talk Radio - as guests of  Heart of the Savior Ministries).  The
title of our present series is  Contemporary Eschatology  (CE).

While our  past  CE broadcasts (in the months of July and August)
have primarily addressed end-time predictions which already  have
taken place 
in the recent past, the now  weekly  broadcasts through
this month - the month of September - especially address currently
unfolding  and  yet-future end-time predictions in God's Word.

Because  many  contemporary end-time viewpoints base their
chronologies on assumptions, ones NOT taught in Scripture (e.g.,
Ron Rhodes'  The END TIMES In Chronological ORDER), we feel,
in light of explicit Bible Truth, CATASTROPHIC-to-church-folks
consequences will be forthcoming this next decade!

Our end-time  house  must  be built upon a true foundation!  No
surprise to read this from us here given our (Endurance Ministries')
many appeals through our  web sites.

One way we're able to present His eternal Truths forever settled
in heaven is through  radio broadcasting.  Instead of continuing this
Contemporary Eschatology  series through the rest of this year, we
have decided to bring  weekly  broadcasts through September due
to pressing matters unfolding in global culture this month.

You can join us for our concluding radio series in  two  ways:

If you wish to catch the live  Saturday  broadcasts, simply go to
www.truetalk800.com.  Here are the "live" airing times: 

September 9  at 10:30 a.m.  (Pacific Time)

September 16  at 10:30  (PT)

September 23  at 10:30  (PT)    and

September 30  at 10:30  (PT)    

Please take advantage of these helpful, insightful programs.  Again,
go to  www.truetalk800.com  at 10:30 a.m. (PT) beginning with THIS
coming Saturday's (9/9) broadcast.  Simply click the "Listen Live"
link (at the top of the page) and you'll be good to go.  DO NOTE:
While these broadcasts have been pre-recorded, they are  live
  in that you must tune in at the 10:30 hour in order
to catch these timely appeals.

Here's yet another way to catch these broadcasts:  For those of
you who reside in the Portland (Oregon) Metro area, tune in on 
the  800 AM  dial using the schedule above, again, at the 
10:30 hour    OR  ...

Use this broadcast schedule IF your Saturdays are full:

Thursday, Sept. 7  at 2:00 p.m.  (Pacific Time)

Thursday, Sept. 14  at 2:00  (PT)

Thursday, Sept. 21  at 2:00  (PT)      and

Thursday, Sept. 28  at 2:00  (PT)

Simply tune in at 2:00 p.m. on Thursdays at  this  web site:

www.KPDQ.com  and click the "Listen Live" link.

Father, as Your Word is proclaimed, please use these presentations
to help Your people be  ready  as You have so clearly Counseled. 
In this safe context, help us to move forward in Your Gospel and 
Discipleship ministries in these awesome days of the end before 
Your Son's glorious appearing.  And dear God, we continue to pray:
In our lives, Lord, be glorified, be glorified today.  In the holy 
name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen 


Week of 9/11-15  (B37;17)

Our 2017 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (October - December)

"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament
shows His handiwork.”  (Psalm 19:1 ; NKJV)

October 1     Psalm 1                       It’s truly amazing how all
October 2     Psalm 2                       of the Psalms speak to
…  etc.  …                                           our needs in this hour!
October 30   Psalm 30
October 31   Psalm 31                     ENJOY!

November 1    Rev. 1
November 2    Rev. 2
…  etc.  …
November 21  Rev. 21
November 22  Rev. 22
November 23  Mt. 24
November 24  Mt. 25
November 25  Mk. 13
November 26  Lk. 17
November 27  Lk. 21
November 28  John 14
November 29  John 15
November 30  John 16

December 1    Daniel 1
December 2    Daniel 2
...  etc.   ...
December 11  Daniel 11
December 12  Daniel 12
December 13  Rev. 1
December 14  Rev. 2
December 15  Rev. 3
December 16  Rev. 4
December 17  Rev. 5
December 18  Rev. 6
December 19  II Thes. 2
December 20  I Thes. 5
December 21   I Tim. 4
December 22  II Tim. 3
December 23  II Tim. 4
December 24  I Thes. 4
December 25  I Cor. 15
December 26  Mt. 24
December 27  Mk. 13
December 28  Lk. 17
December 29  Lk. 21
December 30  Rev. 11
December 31  Rev. 14

Forever, O Lord, is Thy Word settled in heaven - Your
sweet faithfulness endures to all generations!  Please 
help us discern the difference between Your explicit Word
from that of the incorrect interpretations of man (e.g., the 
false teachings and prophecies of our day)  and  help us
to ENDURE in seeking Your Counsel in these days just
prior to Your Son’s glorious initial appearing ... unto our 
protection and unto Your glory and praise!  Even so, 
please come quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen


Week of 9/18-22  (B38;17)

False-Hope 9/23 Warnings:  Revisiting The "Wolf! Wolf! Syndrome"

Do you recall Aesop's insightful lesson?

This ancient story highlights the harm which comes when one
choses  to move toward dangerous imbalance as a result of
applying partial truth.

In our  appeal  today, the harmful potential imbalance which
we're concerned about is this:

Due to multiple  end-time  cries of "Wolf! Wolf!" - ones which 
have proven to be false time and time again - some chose to
adopt a faulty perspective which goes on, in practice, to ignore
current cultural realities of which the Bible speaks, ones which
will occur before Jesus Christ's initial appearing.

Our LORD said (and continues to say) this:  When some clear
end-time signs present themselves, we are to look up, for our
salvation draws near.

Some today, because of past false appeals that  the end is here,
go on to make this fatal  CHOICE:

    Because it will all  pan out  in the end,  I don't need to
    concern myself with end-time Bible Truths which are
    currently unfolding in global culture.

Friends, this partial-truth appeal  is most dangerous to our
eternal souls  
given it  DENIES  the full Counsel of our LORD
concerning how we should live today.

Quoting our Lord Jesus as we emphasize our concluding 
application appeal:

"What I say to you, I say to all:  WATCH!"   (Mark 13:37)

Glorious Father and soon-coming Son, please move us to
better discern the deceit of satanic half-truth appeals.  Help
us to better honor the full Counsel of Your kind warnings to us.
Lord, the deceptions of our day are EVERYWHERE.  Please
help us better guard against these consequential lies as we
turn to Your Word for protection second to none.  As we 
abide in this precious state, help us take action steps
in obedience to You concerning Your mandate to be
ready.  In Jesus Christ's holy name we pray, amen. 

NOTE:  Past comments on this topic can be found in blog
             B19;17 above.


Week of 9/25-29  (B39;17)

Exposing A Contributing VOICE, One Which Fosters Unbiblical Grace

Please discern:  We address BOTH chronological AND thematic concerns
tied to the  end of days  before our Lord sets up His millennial Kingdom.

Please also discern:  One of the clear end-time Bible  themes  which 
unfold during the days of the end is that of  unrighteousness mush-
rooming.  Scripture addresses this concern  and  the counter appeal
that God's people are to separate from the evils of our day, for the Bible
gives many righteous-living mandates.  This two-sided  coin  of both
unrighteousness flourishing  and  God's call to His people to be godly
is  SO  present, yes  everywhere  present in global culture today.

Here's ONE false teaching which fosters unrighteous living due to 
its inadequate (in light of the full Counsel of God's Word), partial-
truth appeals:  (We'll use Wayne Grudem's book title to expose the
false-hope teaching ...)

"Free Grace" Theology: 5 Ways It Diminishes the Gospel

While Wayne Grudem's argument and appeals concerning the
dangers of this anti-biblical movement do  NOT  go far enough and
(his appeal) is based on an inadequate, faulty truth-foundation premise,
we do PRAISE God for the Christ-honoring cautions he (Grudem) so
powerfully makes.

Dear pastors:  PLEASE read this book - it's excellent!

Dear pastors:  Please discern that Grudem's appeal, while well
evidenced, is incomplete, biblically speaking, and thus does NOT
carry the degree of warning it should.  (If you'd like us to send you
details on this unspecified concern of ours, please email me using
the "Contact Us" link at the top right of this page.)

The "another Gospel" of the  Free Grace  movement seems to 
deny a KEY quality of salvation which Bible believers all acknow-
ledge:  Salvation by God (the recipients being members of
humanity who personally accept His gift) is a process!

ALL  categories of salvation (to name some major ones here:
justification,*  sanctification,  glorification) point to the FACT that
salvation is a process.  The Word of God is clear (revelation data
facts are stubborn things) : Salvation unfolds through the process
of time.  YES, there are clearly  beginning steps  of salvation (e.g.,
regeneration/new birth).  There are also explicit words of divine
revelation which speak to process.  The Bible is  clear  on this.

The Word of God is also clear that  GOD  is the Provider of salvation
and that He has chosen to provide it through what seems to be foolish
in the eyes of this world - some  "foolish" things  being by  grace 
through  faith  (saving "faith"  defined biblically!)  in God's act of
provision in and through the full Person and Work of Jesus Christ 
His Son

Because there is such full testimony to this in God's Word, we  evidence
our claim in this simple way:  The Primary Source is full of appeal on
this matter (of the process of salvation) and we simply ask that you read
it for yourselves - read God's  primary  Source for a pure, unadulterated-
by-man testimony ... read the Word of God.

God Himself promises it will powerfully penetrate to the very depth of
our beings (Heb. 4:12).  God states clearly His Word is Truth (Psalm
119:160) and that it will endure forever (Ps. 119:89 ; Isaiah 40:8)

So dear Truth seekers, consider yourselves warned about yet
another end-time false teaching ("Free Grace theology"), one
which promotes the easy-believism so contrary to the full picture
of salvation which the Word of God paints.  And because some
have applied the teachings of this movement to justify unrighteous
living before God and man, we take the time to bring this watchmen-
on-the-wall warning ... because we sincerely care. 

Indeed, the Cult of Unbiblical Grace (as outlined in blog B28;17 
above) is contributing to the fulfilling of Bible predictions concerning 
unrighteousness flourishing in the days just prior to the initial appearing 
of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

After contrasting the fruits of the flesh from the fruits of the Spirit, God 
through Paul goes on to say:

    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man
    sows, that he will also reap.  For he who sows to his flesh will
    of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit 
    will reap everlasting life.   (Galatians 6:7, 8 ; NKJV)

Dear Father, we confess:  "Jesus is Lord!"  Even so, please come
quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen

*  Please see pages 131, 138-143 and 170-175 in our book,
    The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering:  An Introduction   (For 
     ordering details, see our "Note" just above blog B33;17 above.)

P.S.  Read yet another  voice  (in addition to Wayne Grudem):
        Please read Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth's devotion for Aug. 19
        (titled "A Passion for Holiness")  in her book,  The Quiet Place:
        Daily Devotional Readings
 ; published by Moody Publishers, 2012.
        An excellent, God-honoring appeal is also found here.


4th Quarter Blogs

Week of 10/2-6  (B40;17)

We Have PROBLEMS Peoples

Do you recall that great line from the movie, 2012, the one where
the crazy charismatic guy says, "I have goose bumps peoples!" ?

I'd like to tweak that just a bit to read, "We have problems, peoples!"

Here's  Problem #1:     Click Here

Here's  Problem #2:

Our Lord Jesus outlines details of His return in Matthew 24 & 25.

     He says there will be a time of tribulation from the world, tribulation
     which will follow the birth pains/time of sorrows (Mt. 24:4-22). 
     He  THEN  goes on to give details as to what takes place  AFTER
     the tribulation (vv. 29ff).

     We believe the astronomical signs of vs. 29 are the same signs
     of which Revelation 6:12, 13  and  Joel 2/Acts 2 speak.

     Joel 2 states these signs take place  BEFORE  the Day of the

IF our understanding as outlined immediately above is correct, 
here's the  second "problem" - a major problem within MANY of
today's popular end-time chronologies:

Most teach the  Tribulation Period  (as defined theologically by
some)  is a part of  the Day of the Lord


~  the Scriptures never teach this (especially the "Tribulation Period"
     as defined in many Pre-millennial, Pre-Tribulational charts);
~  our Lord says the tribulation (vv. 9-22) will  FOLLOW  the birth pains.
     The astronomical signs (vs. 29)  FOLLOW  the time of tribulation,  
     THEN  the sign of the Son of Man will take place.  We believe this
     "sign of the Son of Man"  marks the beginning of the eschatological
     Day of the Lord.  Stated yet another way, for clarification purposes:
     The Day of the Lord  FOLLOWS  the tribulation and great tribulation
     periods of Mt. 24:9-22.  This period of tribulation is NOT a  portion of  
     the "Day of the Lord."

Our fair, Bible-based appeal ...

1.  Many of today's end-time chronologies NEED to be reconsidered
     in light of explicit Bible data, observations which are, in part, outlined 
     immediately above.

2.  There is an  end time view  which honors the explicit data from
     God's Word on this matter and it's called,  The Final Trumpet
     Rapture Gathering

3.  We plead with you:  Let's go back to  Scripture  for insights
     as to end-time Truth.

Here's a Bible-based definition of "the eschatological Day of
the Lord" :

Click Here

Father God, may our needy generation look to You and Your 
Truths for protective insight second to none.  Help us better
discern we are living in the days of Noah and Lot.  Lord, help
us separate from the world while at the same time be lights to
this world as Your Word clearly mandates.  Lead us, we pray,
in Your end-time Bible Truths which You have so abundantly
and graciously given to those who are Yours.  And once again
we humbly ask that You will work YOUR work in us whereby
we are indeed  willing  and  doing  Your good pleasure.  Unto
Your glory and praise we pray, in Jesus Christ's name.  Amen


Week of 10/9-13  (B41;17)   [ FB ]

Playing The Relative Language Game

Well, were you able to give Wayne Grudem's book a look over?
(see blog B39;17 above)

The dangerous, false-hope message of  easy-believism  is being
challenged today.  Praise God!

The following movies (recently  released on DVD)  also  proclaim
messages of both warning and Bible-honoring correction.  In other
words, MANY are rising up and speaking out concerning some
contemporary distortions - presented by some within the "Christian"
community - as to what it really means to be a  true-in-God's-eyes
follower of Jesus Christ.  Four movie examples include:

1.  God's Not Dead  (1 & 2)
2.  Do You Believe?
3.  A Matter Of Faith

I'd like to focus on Wayne Grudem's chapter on hermeneutics in
this blog.

The chapter titled "Unlikely Interpretations" offers EXCELLENT
insight as to interpretations which serve as examples of  incorrect
handling of God's Word.  (see Grudem's appeals on pages 119-140)

We at Endurance Ministries state this concern (of allowing the
text to say what it says) in this way - in our book,  The Final Trumpet
Rapture Gathering: An Introduction

"Over the past two decades while ministering on college campuses,
I have caught myself thanking the Lord for the hermeneutical 
education I received while in seminary.  I've asked myself multiple
times, "Do some of these collegians even have a clue?"  It often
centers on the issue of observing what the biblical text actually says.  
Many times I hear  truths  from God's Word that aren't there.  I am 
now convinced most of us do not  observe  the text in careful manner.  
Most have a difficulty distinguishing between when  observing  and  
interpreting  are taking place."  (pg. 43 ; emphases mine ; also see 
pp. 35-47)

Our handout featuring Dr. Millard Erickson's insights on this topic of 
relative language games also offers helpful, God-honoring discern-
ment on this crucial topic.  CLICK HERE

Precious Heavenly Father, we so thank You for Your generous
revelation to us.  Thank You for the deep insights in II Peter 3:14-18!
This we know:  You love us so.  We, in response, love You too.  Help
each and every one of us to love You through abiding obedience as
we follow in Your beloved Son's footsteps.  We praise Your holy
name.  In Jesus Christ's name we pray, amen. 

(See blogs B12;17 & B39;17 above.)


Week of 10/16-20  (B42;17)

A Good, Fair Question

One recently asked us if our service [ through Endurance Ministries,
including both chronological and thematic end-time offerings ] has
brought any "positive" contribution to the Church.

This is our answer:

By the grace of God, unto His glory and praise  and  toward the 
fostering of  biblical readiness  whereby His Church is better prepared
as our Savior has Counseled,  "YES, our ministry efforts have been 
a  HUGE  blessing to those who wish to be ready as our Lord has so

For example ...

1.  Three very popular  end-time  teachings - ones which undermine
      our obedient response to be watchful - have been well exposed.
      These three positions are highlighted in the "Destructive Dogmas"
      section of this site.

2.  We've exposed other false teachings which have also contributed to

     a)  the undermining of confidence in the Word of God;    and,
     b)  further ill-preparedness. 
     (Examples include: the faulty blood-moon appeals ; last month's
           claim by some that the end will include the Rapture event)

3.  Not only have we highlighted MAJOR problems within many 
      contemporary end-time teachings (the act of what some call
      deconstruction),  but we have also offered a very biblical, Christ-
      honoring end time position for prayerful and exegetical consider-
      ation.  You've most likely seen our proposal chart.

And probably MOST important,

4.  We have called the Church to go back to  God's Word  and let it
      speak for itself concerning eschatological Truth.

In this context, again, by God's grace, we conclude this blog by
saying  it is good to give thanks unto the Lord.

Sweet Triune God, we thank and praise You for Your loving
kindness to us.  Thank You for Your generous mercy and grace.
Thank You for You, oh God Most High.  We love You and continue
to ask that Your fruit will be produced in us as we die to ourselves
daily and walk in Your Holy Spirit.  Yes, Lord, may Your Vine be our
strength as we abide as Your fruitful branches.  [And Lord, thank
You for the clarity of John 15:1-8 in relationship to Your full picture 
concerning the consequence of failing to produce, in Your 
mercy and grace, fruit as we abide!]  Unto Your glory and
praise we pray ... in Jesus Christ's holy name we pray.  Amen


Week of 10/23 -27  (B43;17)

The  Second Seal  Of Revelation 6

The pertinent text about this 2nd Seal reads:

"When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living
creature saying, 'Come and see.'  Another horse, fiery red, went
out.  And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace
from the earth, and that  people  should kill one another; and 
there was given to him a great sword."   (Revelation 6:3, 4 ; NKJV)

That's all that is written, biblically (that is, here in Rev. 6), about
this second seal.

IF  the tribulation period (of Mt. 24:9-14) includes this second seal,
we could begin to ask:  "Are we in this time (of unrest) today?  Has
the Islamic tool of the dark one partially fulfilled this time when
peace is taken from the earth ?  Are the dissenters against the
current U.S. administration contributing to the worldview battle
and are these rebels actually a partial fulfillment of the second
seal?  We simply don't know for sure.  What we do need to
discern is this:

We are in the days of the end.  We have been experiencing the
birth pains now for quite some time.  We also discern we are in
the beginning days of the  tribulation period  (as our Lord defines
it in Mt. 24:9-22) given the global expressions of fulfillment today.

So here's a crucial, contemporary question:

What's  NEXT  on the  biblical  prophetic calendar?
(This 1 - 4 list below is clearly NOT exhaustive.*)

1.  Effects of the opening of Seal 2 will continue to bring unrest.

2.  The mushrooming of evil (including rebellious apostasy) will
      accelerate, even more so than we see today.

*  The revealing of the Man of Sin (#4 below) is PRECEDED by
    future-to-this-blog events:  e.g., Daniel 7:7, 19, 20 - ten horns
    appear BEFORE the little horn ; Daniel 11:20 - one who imposes
    taxes on the glorious kingdom appears BEFORE the vile person
    begins pushing his agenda.

3.  Soon-to-occur global disasters will contribute to the opening
      of the 3rd Seal where monetary downfall will eventually even
      make it difficult for many to secure food.

4.  The man of lawlessness will have to be revealed in order to
      make way for the yet-future (to this blog post)  5th Seal 
      great persecution against God's people, including both Old
      Covenant (Israel)  and  New Covenant (Church)  peoples.

How shall we  now  live?

The Word of God has clear, protective Counsel  IF  we would but
seek it!  HIS answers to this question immediately above allow the
"T"ruth seeker sweet freedom second to none - John 8:31, 32.

Glorious soon-coming King, please help us rightly divide Your
Word of Truth  and  help us apply Your Counsel whereby we are
of blessing to our Family in Christ and lights to a dark world.  Lord,
please continue, in Your mercy and grace, to strengthen us to
meet the trials of tomorrow in such ways that honor Your
great name.  We love You precious everlasting Father, dear
Prince of Peace !   In Your holy name we pray, amen.


Week of 10/30 - 11/3  (B44;17)

Glory  Be !

The precious gift of  divine revelation  is indeed just that:  PRECIOUS!
God be praised for His abundant generosity to mankind.

IF you've  joined us*  in reading through most of the 1st Book of
Psalms (Psalms 1 - 41), we know you've experienced a multitude
of smiles through the journey.  God's amazing revelation to His
end-time Saints in Jesus Christ (as so graciously given throughout
His entire Word) is SO refreshing.

[ *  See blog B37;17 above ]

If you've not taken us up on our call to be in His Word as outlined
in blog B37;17, please reconsider.  The readings for November
and December  promise  to bring significant blessing.

God of glory, God of grace, help us Lord to seek Thy face.
You Who dwell above the earth;  You Who gave us second birth:
God of glory, God of grace, help us Lord to seek Thy face.  

(This prayer immediately above can be taught to little ones in the 
setting of  song  through the melody,  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.)

P.S.  Personal testimony from Jon: 

Isaiah 41:8-13 has also been a most encouraging passage - one
which my beloved wife Nancy read to me just today (10/30).  God
is SO good! 


Week of 11/6-10  (B45;17) 

Purposeful, God-Honoring Gleaning From His Word

(The following blog is taken from blog B31;17, now archived
in our 2017 blog section.  We've used the same title for this
week's blog post.  Please note a few additional insights.)

In a recent devotional time together, my beloved and I read 
John 11 - the story of Lazarus.

I'd like to emphasize one biblical Truth in this blog and then go
on to tie it to a contemporary end-time concern.

~  Jesus Christ knows all men.  (John 2:24)
~  Jesus Christ discerned men were about to try to force Him
      to be king.  (John 6:15)
~  God's Messianic plan (in Jesus Christ) was radically different
      than the Messianic expectations of men.  (e.g., Many thought
      He would overthrow the Roman rule but God's deliverance 
      was spiritual - deliverance from bondage to the dark one and
      from the bondage of sin leading to death.)

While the sisters of Lazarus told Jesus, "Lord, if You had been
here, my brother would not have died,"  (John 11:21, 32 ; NKJV)
our Lord had an even better plan - God's glory in the raising of

Concluding principle:   Human  conjectures  are often not what
                                          God has in mind.  God's ways are higher
                                          than our ways.

Transitioning to a current cultural affair ...

In the May/June 2017 publication of  Zion's Fire, Marv Rosenthal,
in addressing the astronomical signs of Revelation 6:12, 13, writes,
"Second, following the cosmic disturbance, the sign of Christ's
coming will be seen in the heavens.  Jesus taught, 'And then
[after the cosmic disturbance] shall appear the sign of the Son
of Man in heaven'  (Matthew 24:30).  The cosmic disturbance
will blot out light upon the earth.  The natural light sources will
be 'switched off.'  There will be no sunlight, moonlight, or star-
light.  The earth will be totally darkened - awesome, fearful,
worldwide darkness as has never before happened."  (pg. 18
in the May/June 2017 edition of  Zion's Fire.)  Marv makes
this claim  four  times in the quote above and is even high-
lighted in bold in another place on the same page.  (This claim
is also reinforced in the even more recent July/August edition 
of  Zion's Fire.)

Problem:  Our Lord  never  says (nor does the Word of God 
ever say) the following:  "There will be  no  sunlight, moonlight,
and starlight.  ...  The earth will be totally darkened at the 6th
Seal"  (as Marv claims).

In fact, an event  following  this cosmic disturbance shows light
existing  AFTER  the astronomical signs of Rev. 6:12, 13 / Mt. 24:29.
You see, Rev. 8:12 (in describing the effects of the 4th Trumpet),
states this: 

   "Then the fourth angel sounded:  And a third of the sun was
    struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a
    third of them were darkened.  A third of the day did not shine,
    and likewise the night."   (NKJV)

So here's our fair observation tied to end-time matters and
speaking biblically on this pertinent topic ...

As  men  have incorrectly speculated on aspects of Messianic
deliverance, so too does Marv incorrectly speculate on the 
effects  of the astronomical signs of Rev. 6:12, 13.

On what grounds do we raise this concern?

On the grounds of Rev. 8:12 - light on the earth, coming from
the sun, moon and stars,  exists  AFTER the 6th Seal.  It's
worth repeating in a slightly different way:  In light of Bible
Truth, light exists on the earth  after  the 4th Trumpet blast
because the Word of God says only a third of the heavenly
lights diminish.

Our appeal:  We need to affirm the whole Counsel of God's
Word.  This includes prophetically revealed details tied to the
end of days, details which our Lord has given whereby we are
prepared  for the days of the end in the manner  He  has so

This brings up one of the major differences we have with the
Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church viewpoint.  And  we're NOT
splitting hairs  
here given our Lord's Counsel that we be pre-
pared for the  entire  picture of the end of days before our final
trumpet rapture gathering.

IF  we (His Church) enter the  Day of the Lord *  (as 
Luke 21:25-36  together with  I Thes. 5:1-11 seem to
teach), we must be prepared for the season of the 
Trumpet blasts before God's end-time wrath comes.  
Remember, the  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  takes 
place at the 7th and final trumpet (bringing our deliverance), 
and this unfolds  before the bowls of God's wrath are poured 
out on the earth dwellers.

IF Marv is wrong (concerning the matter of light being "switched
off" at the time of the astronomical signs of the 6th Seal in Rev. 6),
could he possibly, in light of God's explicit Word, be incorrect con-
cerning the timing of the rapture gathering (that is, as he teaches,
just prior to the beginning of the Day of the Lord) following His 
appearing in Rev. 6:14-17?  Does  Scripture  explicitly teach the
Pre-Wrath Rapture as defined by the position?  It actually does
not!  But God's Word does teach the final/last trumpet rapture
gathering of His Church.  We're simply making some fair 
observations and asking some fair questions at this juncture.

WHY   do we make these observations and ask these questions?

Because we genuinely care for God's sheep and hope God's 
sheep in Jesus Christ will listen to the full Counsel of His Word
as opposed to listening to and following the opinions of men.
This is a valid concern as to the protective care of God's people
who are in harm's way during the days of the end before Jesus
Christ sends His angels to gather His elect - Mt. 24:31.

There are other reasons  why  we disagree with the timing of
the Rapture as outlined in the Pre-Wrath Rapture view:

1.  Marv and others define the "Day of the Lord" differently than
     this  biblical  definition  of the Day of Christ/Day of the Lord.

2.  This Rev. 6 passage does NOT teach the rapture of the
     Church takes place at this time.

3.  Our Lord tells us (in Mt. 24:23-28)  NOT  to listen to the false
     prophets and false christs who claim Jesus can now be found
     here or there.   (Note:  The  time  when these false proclaimers
     appear, as the text of Mt. 24 clearly teaches, takes place  after  
     the great tribulation has come to an end.)

     If Marv places the false prophets and false christs  before  the 
     great tribulation, then he's simply incorrect in light of the Word
     of God, for our Lord explicitly says these lying-signs-and-wonders
     false proclaimers come  AFTER  the close of the great tribulation.  
     (By the way, if Marv says these false heralds  are active  during  the 
     great tribulation, he is faced with the same problem:  Again, the Word 
     states these particular deceivers come on the end-time scene AFTER 
     the close of the great tribulation.)  If Marv places these false christs and 
     false prophets  after  the great tribulation, then he has another problem: 
     There sincerely isn't sufficient time for this round of deception to unfold
     before, as he believes (not us), the Pre-Wrath Rapture (as he defines it) 
     occurs.  Either way, the Pre-Wrath position has a problem here,  biblically  

We need to bring a separate blog on these matters because they
are important - anything but  splitting  insignificant  hairs.  We
would like to do so  after  hearing from Marv, should he respond
to our requests to dialogue about these fair, important biblical
matters.  (And once again, yes, we have contacted  Zion's Hope
about these concerns but have not yet heard from them though
it has been quite some time since our initial contact.)

Soon-coming Lord of Hosts, we thank You once again for Your
kind and generous revelation concerning the end of days before
You make Your glorious appearing.  Help us, Lord, to be ready as
YOU have so Counseled.  Help us be watchful as YOU have so
outlined.  Help us be Your beacons of light to a lost and needy
generation.  In Christ Jesus' holy and precious name we pray.

*  We  strongly  encourage you to do a New Testament study on 
the phrases:  "Day of the Lord" (Acts 2:20 ; I Thes. 5 ; II Thes. 2
& II Peter 3), "Day of the Lord Jesus" (I Cor. 1:14 & II Cor. 5:5)
and "Day of Christ" (Phil. 1:10 ; 2:16 & II Thes. 2) !


Week of 11/13-17  (B46;17)   [ FB ]

You're  NOT  Hearing  Us !   ...   OR   ...
Is It Simply:  You're NOT Willing To Listen ?

Our Truth Claim -  There are  problems  in every contemporary
                                  end-time position and they warrant addressing!

One  HUGE  problem (in addition to the legitimate problems we 
mention in blog B40;17 - now archived) is tied to the biblical
definition of the word, "tribulation."

So let's  further  address this concern in this blog ...

Contemporary American churches have been building end-time 
views on a  false  premise ! 

The incorrect  foundation  ( upon which many  traditional
eschatological positions *  build their doctrinal homes )  is this:

A faulty definition of  "tribulation,"  namely/specifically:  
Daniel's 70th Week  =  The Tribulation Period

CLICK HERE  for one of our prior appeals on this crucial matter.

So when certain  charts  are presented by some popular end-time
positions - one example being:

                                             Daniel's 70th Week                           
        beginning             (The "Tribulation Period")                  ending     
                |                                            |                                              |                                  

       Pre-TRIB                             Mid-TRIB                              Post-TRIB
        Rapture                                Rapture                                 Rapture
     (prior to the                 (in the middle of the              (at the end of the
Tribulation Period)           Tribulation Period)              Tribulation Period)


...  so when the Pre-,  Mid-  &  Post- Trib  charts are presented as
diagramed above, they are actually based on  MYTH  -  the  FABLE
(that is, the false claim) that the  tribulation  is  Daniel's 70th Week!  

This is significant!

But  SCRIPTURE  never  equates  Daniel's 70th Week  as the 
"Tribulation Period"  as so defined by the above end-time positions!

This is yet another PROBLEM.

In light of this challenge - that is, our claim that the above  Pre-
Millennial  end-time views are based upon an  unbiblical  assumption -
in light of this concern, we simply call God's  People of the Book  to be

Let's go back to the  actual  data in God's Word for Truth on this topic
of just how  "tribulation"  is biblically defined.

You don't have a problem with this appeal, do you?

We sure hope not!

Here's our contribution:   CLICK  HERE

Father of lights, thank You for lighting our end-time path
through Your precious Word!  Please, Lord, expose the false
teachings on this crucial topic, ones tied to living for You in these
end of days.  Father, thank You for humbling us ... for correcting
us ... yes, even disciplining us for failing to heed Your EXPLICIT
Counsel.  Thank You for humbling us whereby we are driven 
back to the Truth Foundation of Psalm 119.  Lord, blessed be
... glory be  Your great name.  In Your name - in the name of
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - we pray, amen. 

*  Examples include:  Pre-TRIB


Week of 11/20-24  (B47;17)   [ FB ]

Unfaithfulness  Is A  SERIOUS  Sin

"Unfaithfulness" allows for both  divorce  and  cancelled betrothal.
(Mt. 19 ; Mt. 1:19-24 - also see Lk. 2:5)

Here's a CRUCIAL question tied to  our  engagement to the 
heavenly Bridegroom:

What are some of the ways - as clearly taught in His Word - which
could rightly allow  Him  to cancel His betrothal relationship with us?
In other words, does the Bible give us a list of  absolute prohibitions  as
to things which constitute "unfaithfulness"  to the extent  He will break
off His betrothal engagement with some who live in the end of days?
(Recall Joseph's example:  He was about to "put her [Mary] away" due
to her perceived-by-him unfaithfulness.)

Actually our Bridegroom has been  very clear  on this eternally sig-
nificant matter of being faithful to Him  BEFORE  our marriage to Him,
to Christ, the Lamb of God.

Here's a partial list of  "CANNOT DO"  things during our betrothal

1.  We are not to embrace a false worldview (i.e., a worldly one, for
      friendship with the world is enmity against God -  James 4:4);

2.  We are not to accept the Christological doctrine of the spirit of
      antichrist of our day (e.g., that which is expressed by New Age
      advocates,  Neo-Gnostics  and others - I John 2:18-23, 4:1-3
      and II John 7-11);

3.  If we accurately HOPE for marriage consummation which will 
      indeed one day take place, we  cannot  receive the mark of the
      antichrist (which is yet future to this blog - Revelation 14:9-12).

Our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, has been  so clear, so graciously
generous in giving us fair warning!!

So  how shall we now live  in light of these insights?

For starters, let's ponder - actually, let's read and heed (Rev. 1:3) -
Revelation 2 & 3. 

That's a sufficient beginning for now.  Bon appétit!

Father of our glorious Bridegroom, during this THANKSGIVING
week we especially praise You for Your clear revelation concerning
relationship with You through Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.  
Help us to accept the FULL Counsel of Your Word in all matters,
especially (in this setting) in matters pertaining to eternal life with
You.  Forgive us Father, for our picking and choosing only some
parts of Your Word which suit us.  Humble us, Lord, to the extent
we are willing to submit to Your FULL picture concerning Your
salvation plan.  Help us discern how the dark one continues to
use partial truths for the purpose of hindering mankind in journey
to You.  Lord, we love You and we love our fellow mankind.  Help
us endure in speaking Your Truths in love.  In Jesus Christ's holy
name we pray, unto Your glory and praise, amen. 

P.S.  Isn't this fascinating!  This perspective  jives  with  so many
         passages the  Cult of Unbiblical Grace  members deny or try
         to falsely misinterpret.  (see Phil. 2:12, 13 ; Mt. 7:15-23 ;
         Mt. 13:1-23 ; John 15:1 - 16:4 ; Romans 8 (note the many
         conditional aspects of the process of salvation by God) ;
         I Cor. 15:1-11 ; the  enduring  passages of Hebrews, 
         including Heb. 10:31.  Oh, and let's not neglect including
         Mt. 24:13!


Week of 11/27 - 12/1  (B48;17)

One Expression Of  Emulation  Is  WORSHIP

And boy do I need to clarify our use of "emulate" even before I
take the next step!

Webster's New World Dictionary's*  definition of "emulate" reads:

    1.  to try to equal or surpass; esp., to imitate or copy
          with a view to equaling or surpassing
    2.  to rival successfully

* 2nd College Edition

In  NO  way do we mean this:  We emulate to equal or surpass.

What we do mean by our title above is to seek to be like our
Savior unto the glorification of the One and only True YHVH God.
It's this One whom we  emulate/seek to be like  in this context:
"God is God and we are not!"  And the "we" of this (now no longer
popular) quote  includes  His adopted children - those in Christ -
this side of eternity.

In  this  effort we  worship  in declaring  His  supreme greatness. 
As His adopted children (by His mercy and grace), through Christ
Jesus alone, we seek to be like our heavenly Father.  

Another clarification is warranted here:

It's  NOT  that we are seeking to repeat the mistake of Genesis 3  
nor  the mistake of past Mormon doctrine (that is, "We believe in 
a God who is Himself progressive, whose majesty is intelligence;
whose perfection consists in eternal advancement - a Being who
has attained His exalted state by a path which now His children
are permitted to follow, whose glory it is their heritage to share.
In spite of the opposition of the sects, in the face of direct charges
of blasphemy, the [Mormon] Church proclaims the eternal truth:
'As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be.'"  in The Articles 
Of Faith  
by James Talmage; pg. 430; [bracket ours]; 1975). 

In contrast, our seeking is this:

We seek to be  children of God  who bear His qualities (minus
divinity, though our one-day hope ["promise" in II Peter 1:2-4] is 
that we will, in our  future  divine-nature glorification, be children 
of God in the context of a new body - I Cor. 15:50-57).

But I need to get to the point of this blog so please excuse my
leaving open (that is, unfinished), the above comments.  Here's 
our appeal in this blog:

Jesus Christ perfectly modeled, during His earthly ministry, 
qualities of Sonship.  One HUGE quality  we  MUST  both
acknowledge (due to its lacking in His Church today)  and  
emulate, is grace-based  obedience.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, OBEYED His Father.  Read about
this by reading through the Gospel of John - the revelation is
awesome IF we could allow it to produce in us,  corrective  fruit.

In like manner, as we seek to emulate (to be like) our Lord Jesus, 
we OBEY our Father.

In this we  love  Him - John 14 - 16.

This is  NOT  duty-driven human work which seeks justification 
before God  but  is the ongoing grace of God in our lives as we
take steps  after  new birth, steps tied to James 2:24's "justified
by works."  You see, we are born spiritually and then, obviously,
we move forward to live out our new lives  in Christ (John 3:16-21).

Good works (e.g., "Be holy as I am holy" is both positional and
active in expression) in Christ - as we abide in the Vine (John 15) 
and walk under the influence of His Spirit (Gal. 5) - graciously allow 
us to DO "good deeds" which are pleasing to Him because they are 
done in God, NOT by unregenerate human beings.

So let's  seek His Kingdom first  as He has so Counseled.  This is 
okay before God, dear Church; it's NOT a "works' salvation" sin  as 
some of the unbiblical  free grace  folks accuse us of promoting!

Let's  emulate  our LORD Jesus and  obey  in the power of the
Holy Spirit of God as the Word of God clearly calls us to do.

In this, we lovingly  worship!  God be praised.

"As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.  If
you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I kept 
My Father's commandments and abide in His love."   (Jesus Christ
as recorded in John 15:9, 10; NKJV)

In conclusion, please recall one general universal God-sanctioned
mandate:  Let's respect God and obey Him.  Yes, "let us hear the con-
clusion of the whole matter:  Fear God and keep His commandments, 
for this is man's all.  For God will bring every work into judgment,
including every secret thing, whether good or evil."  
(Ecc. 12:13, 14; NKJV)

Let's  OBEY  our LORD - the LORD of lords and KING of kings - and
heed His Counsel (in addition to His Counsel in Rev. 2 & 3 and else-

"Here is a call for endurance of the saints, those who keep the
commandments of God and their faith in Jesus."  (Rev. 14:12 ; ESV)

"Here is the patience of the saints; here are  those who keep the
commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."  (Rev. 14:12 ; NKJV)

"Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to
repay everyone for what he has done.  I am the Alpha and the 
Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.  Blessed
are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to
the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates."
(Rev. 22:12-14 ; ESV)

"And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is  with Me, to
give to everyone according to his work.  I am the Alpha and the
Omega, the  Beginning and the  End, the First and the Last.
Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may
have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the 
gates into the city."  (Rev. 22:12-14 ; NKJV)

CLICK HERE  to view our comments on this matter of translation
of verse 14 of chapter 22.

Lord, in worshipful relationship with You, please help us to emulate 
You by following the supreme example of Your Son.  Help us to  
trust and obey.  Thank You, Lord, for Your faithful promise:  
"Surely I am coming quickly."  Amen.  Even so, please come 
soon Lord Jesus! 


Week of 12/4-8  (B49;17)

In Reviewing OUR Call, An Appeal For YOUR Help ...

Endurance Ministries  (EM)  exists to serve God's Kingdom purposes
in these  end of days.  This includes ministry to believers (Discipleship
ministry)  and  unbelievers (Gospel ministry) alike. 

One of our major  discipleship  objectives is to help better foster
ENDURANCE  in Christ.

As we address end-time Bible data - including both chronological
and thematic concerns - we call God's people in Jesus Christ to be
like the Bereans of old (Acts 17) who received the message of Paul
but did so in light of the Scriptures.  Acts 17:10, 11 states it this way ...

    Then the brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night
    to Berea.  When they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the
    Jews.  These were more fair-minded than those at Thessalonica,
    in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched
    the Scriptures daily  to find out  whether these things were so.

Our EM ministries addressing pertinent-to-our-day chronology and
thematic concerns are many, including the bringing of quality PPT
presentations.  (Note:  Because many of our visual aids on end-
time Bible chronology and themes are made  live,  we don't post
them on the Internet.  Please have us come in order to personally
share these helpful presentations with you.  Use the "Contact Us" 
link at the top of this page to inquire further.)  Your best interests 
are one of our sincere goals in all this.

In 2016  EM  opened a "Building Project" which serves to contribute
to  this  appeal:  Saints in Jesus Christ  need  to further embrace 
GOD's  end-time perspective.  In light thereof, our building project
is  NOT  a physical building enterprise but is a project seeking to
build  perspectival  readiness as called for by our Lord Jesus.

In this we wish to promote better  mental preparedness  to face 
the days, months and years ahead.  (Yes, Jesus Christ will not
return in the next few years!)  One way to do so - to further 
encourage mental preparedness - is building  perspective  
through SONG.  We are wanting to put  songs  before God's
Saints in Jesus Christ, songs which foster  endurance  as they
are sung in praise to Him.  So here are some additional details
of this building project we're calling  Prepared Through Song ...

Our THEMATIC appeals as outlined in the 7th chapter of our
book, The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction
(click  THIS LINK  for ordering details),
are these: 

[  themes  on the left ]

Endurance,            in the context of
Deception                and
Personal Idolatry      is crucial!  Openness to God's
Truth Foundation      will protect against
Great Darkness          which is unfolding today.
Separation                 from the world is wise.  Soon, the
Antichrist                  will be revealed, but
Jesus Christ             will return just as He said.

Additional details of the  Prepared Through Song  ministry effort
(one which we would appreciate  your  help bringing) are these:

We would like to  team  minister  ENCOURAGEMENT  during these
more challenging times and we would like to do so through SONG ...
with  you.  Yes, we'd so appreciate  your  help with this God-honoring
project!  In case we've not been clear, we are asking folks to send us
song, hymn, chorus, [etc.]  titles  which speak to the end-time  themes
listed above.

Once we've received and compiled  100 quality  title entries (which we
discern to accomplish our goal), we will send contributors (to the list of
songs) the document which can then be used by our  team members  
to minister in their church(es) and personal outreach efforts.

Care to join us  on this God-honoring project?  If so, please use
the "Contact Us" link at the top right of this page to send us your
entries.  THANK YOU.  And please  pray  in support of our EM
ministry efforts in 2018.

Father God, thank You for creating  music  as You have!  Praise to
Your glorious name.  Please help us with this project which seeks to
help better protect Your sheep in Christ Jesus during these days when
we are in harm's way.  Lord, may Your Spirit use these songs to help
further build in us YOUR end-time  perspective  unto our  enduring
to the end
.  Thank You Lord Jesus.  Amen. 


Week of 12/11-15  (B50;17) 

Eternal Perspective

Toward the worthy end of honoring Philippians 4:8 ...

God's promises regarding our  eternal  future with Him are aspects
of the  major  - recalling the wise appeal to  major  on the majors
and  minor  on the minors.

We think God's  present  creation is glorious but what about our
upcoming  ETERNAL  Home ?

It is going to be, well, words are insufficient to even begin to describe
this glorious place (an eternal place for those who accept God's pro-
vision in Jesus Christ).  But, yes, words don't even scratch the surface
of this eternal existence due to our limited knowledge of the eternal
state.  In testifying of God's greatness and our  puniness :  "We, unlike
our omniscient God, know so little!"

We do know this, however:  God invested His beauty and glory in
bringing about His temporal creation about 6,000 years ago.  How
much more glorious, given His character and His faithfulness, will
He create His  ETERNAL, perfect Heaven, Earth and New
Jerusalem?  This is so much more than  "COOL" !

May we avoid the fruits of the fools who declare  there is no God
May we, His Church, avoid the short-sighted  minors  of the worldly
and live life in accord with God's BIG-PICTURE reality where the
temporal  is just that - temporal - and the  eternal  is also just that -
ETERNAL.  (see II Cor. 4:16-18)  May we discern and steer clear
of the many deceptions being proclaimed in some churches today.
May we be what we claim to be:  People of the Book who honor
the LORD Jesus Christ - the Lord of lords and King of kings.

Father God, thank You for helping the lost world by pointing us to
You through Your glorious creation.  Indeed, the heavens declare
Your glory and no one is left with a sufficient excuse (to reject You).
And Father, thank You for the express image of Your person in
Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Thank YOU for His
purging of our sins through Your awesome demonstration of
love for us.  Oh God Most High, we continue in deep gratitude
to You for Your generous mercy and grace to us. Unto Your
glory and praise we pray, amen.  And, yes, Lord Jesus, please
come quickly!  


Week of 12/18-22  (B51;17)

Our 2018 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (January - March)

Since we're highlighting the Lord Jesus Christ, our soon-coming
King, this next quarter, let's especially focus on the Gospels. *


1st   Matthew 1 
2nd  Mt. 2 
3rd   Mt. 3 
... etc.  ... 
27    Mt. 27 
28    Mt. 28 
29    Mt. 24 (second time) 
30    Mt. 25 (second time) 
31    Mark 13


1st   Luke 1 
2nd  Luke 2 
3rd   Luke 3 
...  etc.  ... 
23    Luke 23 
24    Luke 24 
25    I Thes. 4 
26    I Thes. 5 
27    II Thes. 2 
28    I Tim. 4


1st   John 1 
2nd  John 2 
3rd   John 3 
... etc.  ... 
20    John 20 
21    John 21 
22    Mark 1 
23    Mark 2 
24    Mark 3 
25    Mark 4 
26    Mark 5 
27    Mark 6 
28    Mark 7 
29    Mark 8 
30    Mark 9 
31    Mark 10

See blog B12;18 in late March for the next quarter's reading schedule.

Oh Lord, please open our eyes that we may behold wonderful things 
from Your Word.  In our Savior Jesus Christ's holy name we pray, 
amen!  (see Psalm 119:18)

*  May we manifest child-like humility in being willing to reread His Word 
even though some of us have read these passages many times.  Due to 
the depth of His Word, we know we will enjoy blessings therein if we're 
once again willing to sit at His feet.


Week of 12/25-29  (B52;17)   [ FB ]

What Is Our  BASIS  For Sound Doctrine?

Speaking the Truth in love, on what grounds do we, as God's
Saints in Jesus Christ, define and go on to hold our beliefs?

EXACTLY:  The Word of God!

That's why, when it comes to essential doctrines of the Faith,
we appeal to  EXPLICIT  data from God's Word as warrant for
holding the teachings we do.  This is true - this is the case - for
ALL major doctrines of biblical Faith, yes, even the minor ones.

In application of  end-time  doctrine:

We believe ... 

1.  Jesus Christ will once again return to the earth
2.  He has called us to be ready/watchful/prepared*
3.  He mandates we endure to the end (as opposed to falling away)
4.  His return will separate His own (who are gathered at the rapture)
     from  the earth dwellers (those who then, after our rapture
     gathering, incur His wrath as the bowls of wrath are poured out
     upon the earth)
5.  Signs  precede  His coming
et al. 

We hold dear these Truths  on the basis of  His clear revelation to
us - these Truths are NOT  interpretations of man  but are tenets 
which are explicitly stated, in black and white, in Scripture.

So on what grounds do popular evangelical teachers appeal for the
Pre-Trib Rapture gathering?

They  DON'T  maintain the typical standard (that is, the holding of
doctrine based on the  data of the text)  but  instead base their
teaching on  inferential  and  interpretive  opinion.  This is  NOT  
grounds for doctrine.  The Word of God is our authority for faith
(doctrine included) and practice.

May the Hananiahs (see Jer. 28) of our day STOP teaching false-
hope end-time doctrine which misleads many toward ill-prepared-
ness!  CLICK  HERE  for other expressions of this fair concern. 

Instead, may we His people in Jesus Christ listen to His actual
Word  and  heed the factual content therein.

As He has given His Counsel to His end-time people (for their
protection), so too do we make these appeals.  We genuinely
CARE for God's sheep in Jesus Christ who are in harm's way
due to all the false teaching today.

Dear Father Who art in heaven, THANK YOU for Your protective
Counsel, Counsel which calls us to discern our day, one filled with
deceptions in both the world and the church.  Help us drop our
religious, non-biblical Traditions which foster opposition to Your
call upon our lives - to be ready, watchful and prepared as we 
press on in Your Gospel and Discipleship activities as Your 
precious Word so graciously outlines.  THANK YOU Father,
for loving us - Your children in Jesus Christ Your Son.  It's in
His name we pray, amen. 

*  Our most recent PPT presentation makes the appeal for
   Bible-based  preparations, NOT the false-hope calls for
   watchfulness  based on  unbiblical end-time viewpoints.

   For example, our concluding handout in the new seminar
   session includes THIS insightful appeal:

   "After the  strengths  and  weaknesses  of each  [end-time]
   position are better discerned, pick which view you hold as
   the one you believe to be the  most  biblical.  (This step is
   important  because  readiness - including the act of  watch-
   fulness - will be DIFFERENT depending on which end-time
   view you hold.)"