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The  Reality  Of The Growing  Perfect Storm

Do you know about the ways in which the "Jewish Police" went about
fostering darkness during WWII?  One effort was tied to censorship.

Today, as this perfect storm continues to build, there are those who are 
seeking to censor some who are highlighting biblical insights, ones which
address important cultural affairs.  Like the  Jewish Police  of old, some 
Christians  are exerting pressure to do the same.  "Discontinue writing as
you do!"  they say to those who are appealing for godly living in Christ. 

Those making these God-honoring appeals also state the intent behind
their actions:  In God's kind mercy and grace, we genuinely care about 
His sheep to the extent we are willing to put ourselves in harm's way 
as we bring warning.  

We discern a growing number of  Christians-by-name who (in their
actions against God's New Covenant Ambassadors in Jesus Christ)
speak out in opposition to God's Word.  "Christian Police" who are
helping to shape and enforce the ideology of the soon-coming
antichrist?   Perhaps!   By their fruits we shall know them.

WHY  is this a valid issue to raise at this time?

IF Bible-affirming heralds - especially those who accurately discern 
cultural movements which will further contribute to the intensity of the 
Perfect Storm  (once it hits in full strength) - IF these followers of Jesus 
Christ are silenced, some may  fail to discern  some of the present 
deceptions unfolding around us.  As God blessed His Old Covenant 
people with heralds who loved enough to bring timely messages of 
warning, so too does He bless His Church with some who endure in 
speaking His Truths in love today.

So be watching for further increase of persecution* against those who 
bring explicit Bible appeals.  In this context, even though the darkness 
will seek to make these Ambassadors of Christ seem evil, please give 
their messages Berean-like consideration.  Pray and ponder their 
appeals in light of the clear revelation God has graciously given in 
His precious Word.

Once again, may we continue basking in His kind Word to us, including
the reading of end-time passages which speak to our - today - present
circumstances before Jesus Christ's glorious appearing.

*  Persecution is not only unfolding in the  persecuted church  areas.     
      Let's endure!  We encourage you to read the N.T. book of Hebrews
      for helpful, most pertinent-to-today Counsel.



10 Biblical Reasons Why We Should Question The
    Pre-Tribulation Rapture  Viewpoint

Question:    WHY do we persist in  rightly  questioning?
Answer:       "Because we sincerely care"  is only a partial response.

Please  Click  Here  for the rest of our answer.  Truth Matters!

May we  endure  in seeking God's clear Counsel as to living
for the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, during these end of days.

In response to received comments about the above ...

THANK YOU for your thoughts on the "Click Here" link
immediately above.  CLICK HERE  for our new draft post.




Endurance Ministries  (EM)  exists to serve God's Kingdom purposes
in these  end of days.  This includes ministry to believers (Discipleship 
ministry)  and  unbelievers (Gospel ministry) alike. 

One of our major  discipleship  objectives is to help better foster
ENDURANCE  in Christ.

As we address end-time Bible data - including both chronological
and thematic concerns - we call God's people in Jesus Christ to be
like the Bereans of old (Acts 17) who received the message of Paul
but did so in light of the Scriptures.  Acts 17:10, 11 states it this way ...

    Then the brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night
    to Berea.  When they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the
    Jews.  These were more fair-minded than those at Thessalonica,
    in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched
    the Scriptures daily  to find out  whether these things were so.

Our EM ministries addressing pertinent-to-our-day chronology and
thematic concerns are many, including the bringing of quality PPT
presentations.  (Note:  Because many of our visual aids on end-
time Bible chronology and themes are made  live,  we don't post
them on the Internet.  Please have us come in order to personally
share these helpful presentations with you.  Use the "Contact Us" 
link at the top of this page to inquire further.)  Your best interests 
are one of our sincere goals in all this.

In 2016  EM  opened a "Building Project" which serves to contribute
to  this  appeal:  Saints in Jesus Christ  need  to further embrace 
GOD's  end-time perspective.  In light thereof, our building project
is  NOT  a physical building enterprise but is a project seeking to
build  perspectival  readiness as called for by our Lord Jesus.

In this we wish to promote better  mental preparedness  to face 
the days, months and years ahead.  (Yes, Christ will  not  return 
in the next few years [2018 - 2020] due to biblical data which 
we've addressed in prior blogs!)  One way to do so - to further 
encourage  mental  preparedness - is building  perspective  
through SONG.  We are wanting to put  songs  before God's
Saints in Jesus Christ, songs which foster  endurance  as they
are sung in praise to Him.  So here are some additional details
of this building project we're calling  Prepared Through Song ...

Our THEMATIC appeals, as outlined in the 7th chapter of our
book, The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction,
are these

[  themes  on the left ]

Endurance,            in the context of
Deception                and
Personal Idolatry      is crucial!  Openness to God's
Truth Foundation      will protect against
Great Darkness          which is unfolding today.
Separation                 from the world is wise.  Soon, the
Antichrist                  will be revealed, but
Jesus Christ             will return just as He said.

Additional details of the  Prepared Through Song  ministry effort
(one which we would appreciate  your  help bringing) are these:

We would like to  team  minister  ENCOURAGEMENT  during these
more challenging times and we would like to do so through SONG ...
with  you.  Yes, we'd so appreciate  your  help with this God-honoring
project!  In case we've not been clear, we are asking folks to send us
song, hymn, chorus, [etc.]  titles  which speak to the end-time  themes
listed above.

Once we've received and compiled  100 quality  title entries (which we
discern to accomplish our goal), we will send contributors (to the list of
songs) the document which can then be used by our  team members  
to minister in their church(es) and personal outreach efforts.

Care to join us  on this God-honoring project?  If so, please use
the "Contact Us" link at the top right of this page to send us your
entries.  THANK YOU.  And please  pray  in support of our ongoing
ministry efforts through 2018.

1.  May we better discern just how late we are (in the setting of Bible
prophecy before our Lord's soon initial appearing).  The time is short!  
Are  YOU  ready?  2.  May we delight in continued  JOY  as we press
on in songs of adoration of our soon-coming King - Jesus Christ! 

P.S.  Because enough have asked ...  For contemporary end-time 
        inferential appeals that are unbiblical, please  CLICK HERE



God's  WORD ... Just  What  Is It?

In addition to the  main  emphasis of the Museum of the Bible's
(in Washington D.C.)  Global Impact Bible  - Founders ESV
edition of the Bible, the Bible is  more than  an impactful 
product of man which has  wonderfully  affected history,
culture, government (including legislative, executive and
judicial aspects), language (written genre, speech, idioms),
humanity's treasured qualities (e.g., love, peace, joy,
humility, etc.), art & music, entertainment, education,
commerce, morality/ethics, societal structure, science &
technology, etc.

While surely accomplishing (affecting) the above, the Bible 
is  more than  an influential piece of history from human
contributors - and we're  NOT  saying the team (administration
and staff) at the museum  denies  the  transcendent  aspect of
the Bible in their attempts to clearly warrant the Bible's contri-
butions to humanity through the ages.  We simply  NEED  to
acknowledge one CRUCIAL aspect of the nature of the Bible
which doesn't seem to be strongly highlighted in this English
edition of the ESV Bible.  The missing  facet,  if you would, is
this:  It is the  WORD of GOD.

Here are a few passages which speak to THIS crucial quality
of the Bible, one which we dare NOT belittle in this age which
hosts many who are LONGING for something greater than
mankind's meager offerings ...

   Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. ...
   I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your
   testimonies are my meditation.  I understand more than the
   ancients, because I keep Your precepts. ...  Your word is  a
   lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  The entirety of Your 
   word is  truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments
   endures  forever.  ...         (select verses from Psalm 119)

   All Scripture is  given by inspiration of God, and is  profitable
   for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in right-
   eousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly
   equipped for every good work.   (II Timothy 3:16, 17)

   And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do
   well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day
   dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;  knowing 
   this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private inter-
   pretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but
   holy men of God spoke as they were  moved by the Holy
   Spirit.  (II Peter 1:19-21)

(passages taken from the NKJV)

These are AWESOME Truths from the only Divine E.T. of all 
e.ts., One Who has marvelously manifested, by many infallible
proofs, His reality whereby  everyone  is without excuse (to 
reject Him).  CLICK HERE  for presentations of HIS Good 
News to us!

In light of  biblical  philosophy/wisdom, let's avoid committing
the fallacy of the  excluded middle  by failing to include the more
glorious nature of the Bible - it's  GOD's  graciously revealed
Truths to needy humanity, beings who have not been able to
solve even the world's most basic problems (outside of the 
eternal Word's historical moment:  the reality of  God with us
in the Person of the LORD of lords, KING of kings, Jesus

May we do the  both/and  thing and, in correct balance,
affirm  both  aspects (i.e., natures, qualities) of this most
precious, eternal revelation-from-God gift. 


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Another  CRUCIAL  Distinction

In 2012 and 2013 - quite some time ago now, or so it seems! - we
addressed a very  DIFFERENT  (that is, different from the end-time
perspective we at Endurance Ministries present)  final trumpet
position, one which Irvin Baxter and Endtime Ministries
teach.  In two FAQ articles, we basically state this:  The "final
trumpet rapture"  view of Endtime Ministries is  VERY  different
from  The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  position which we
present through our Endurance Ministries' Kingdom efforts.  
(CLICK  HERE  for specific details on this matter if you're 
interested in learning more.)

A  very  similar  statement  needs  to be made in response to
Roderick Meredith's  (1930 - 2017)  final trumpet  return of Christ.
For specific details regarding the end-time viewpoint of Meredith
and the Living Church of God, see the article posted on one of their
Internet sites,  Tomorrow's World.  The article is titled "Fourteen
Signs Announcing Christ's Return."

(Roderick Meredith was initially involved in Herbert Armstrong's
Worldwide Church of God movement.  Meredith's end-time view
is now being offered through the Living Church of God [LCG]
which he and others founded in 1998.)

IF  you were to study the 14 signs mentioned in the article, 
you would immediately discern this:  The end-time position
of LCG (as posted on  Tomorrow's World  web site) is  MOST
different than the  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  of
Endurance Ministries on a number of crucial points.

Q:  WHY do we take time to make this announcement?

A:  Because darkness often uses diversions  from  God's pure
Truths in order to lead folks astray.  Yes, we are speaking strongly
here due to the potential consequences of believing half truths.  So
please allow us to get to the evidencing of our claim by reading on.

TWO (of many) MAJOR differences between the two end-time
views of said positions above are these:

1.  The  Tomorrow's World  article states American and British
     descendants are included as a part of Modern Israel today.
     According to the LCG, it's not just the "Jews" who comprise
     the nation of Israel.  LCG's view of modern Israel can be
     found, in part, in signs 12 - 14 of Meredith's article.  Please
     read the article in full and carefully. 

     In CONTRACT, Endurance Ministries does not blur Israel
     with America, Great Britain, at el.  We state Israel (and its
     continued Jewish tie to the Old Covenant without Christ
     Jesus in general) is  SEPARATE FROM  the New Covenant
     Church in Jesus Christ.  Yes, Jews reside in the USA but
     this does NOT mean the U.S. is a partial expression of modern
     Israel.  No, America is NOT a part of modern Israel as the LCG
     interpretation goes!

     While 144,000 members of Israel - some of whom will convert
     to Jesus Christ during the opening event of the eschatological 
     Day of the Lord  - will be the "first fruits" of those who are
     redeemed from the earth
 (during the 6th-Trumpet period - see
     Rev. 14:1ff) just before the sounding of the 7th Trumpet (the 
     "final trumpet" of I Corinthians 15:51, 52), the Church in Jesus 
     Christ is NOT rapture-gathered until the 7th Trumpet sounds.  
     And please note:  This rapture gathering of Christ's flock is  NOT  
     His 2nd-Advent return to the earth  (as the Living Church of God
     seems to teach).

Here's the second reason (of many) why we take the time to 
differentiate between these two "final trumpet" gathering positions:

2.  Folks  prepare  differently  depending on the end-time view
     they espouse.  The final trumpet event of LCG holds this:
     Their particular view of God (please note major concerns on
     this topic as outlined in the  Wikipedia  article about, what 
     appears to be, the non-tri-unity-of-God doctrine of the Living
     Church of God*) has Christ  coming/returning  at the 
     sounding of the 7th Trumpet.

     Again, the article titled  Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ's 
has Christ returning at the 7th Trumpet while the 
     Scriptures teach He returns  to the earth  after  the Bowls
     of Wrath are poured out on the earth.  Revelation 19 (post
     Bowls of Wrath) describes His coming  to the earth, a 
     "return" that is often called  the Second Advent of Christ.

     Yes, He comes in the clouds where He rapture gathers His
     Saints/elect  at the final trumpet  BUT  He does not return
     to the earth until the great battle at Armageddon/Megiddo
     as outlined in Revelation 19 (Rev. 16 describes the setting
     where  preparations  for the actual battle of Rev. 19:11 
     unfold).  It's in Revelation 19 where the "war" then takes
     place, NOT at the 7th Trumpet. 

May we - God's Saints in Christ Jesus - better distinguish (through
the right-handling of the full Counsel of God's Word) between the
actual Word of God from that of words and opinions/interpretations
of men. 

*  Also see LCG's "official statement of fundamental beliefs" for
    further details.




"Lord, We NEED, We NEED"  ...  Shine Jesus Shine


God  SO  graciously continues to provide insightful help to
meet the growing battles of our day!  Here are four (of many)
PROVISIONS  from our loving Shepherd:

He has provided precious  MEDIA  so pertinent for life in
Christ today.  Please make the commitment to catch  two
Christ-honoring films coming out next month:  Tortured for
 (3/5)  and  God's NOT Dead 3  (3/30).   These new
presentations deal with MAJOR end-time themes, ones which
are raging as we  speak.  While they're not  perfect,  they do
provide sweet encouragement  IF  we would but live in HIS
perspective during these days of great Kingdom opportunity.

God also extends His wise Counsel through His CHURCH,
but be ever so careful here, for there are a growing number
of churches today which are  failing  to herald God's end-of-
day Truths.  In contrast, may we continue in fellowship in a 
Bible-honoring church, especially as we  forsake NOT the
assembling of ourselves together.

God's abundant mercy and grace continues ...

He has also provided His WORD - Truth for today, second to
none.  His leading in this context is ever so needed in this hour.
So we ask a simple question:  We will do our part?  May we
read and heed His Word.

Inexhaustible is His mercy to those who fear Him.  And those 
who do so - those who revere Him - are blessed with yet an-
other gift which we NEED in this late hour ( ... our God is 
MOST generous indeed!) :

When Jesus Christ ascended into heaven after His death
and resurrection, He shortly thereafter sent the Spirit of God
as a helper to His sheep (His born-again followers) in need.  
In affirmation of Joel 2 / Acts 2, God continues to pour out 
His SPIRIT on all flesh today.  IF we live in humility before the
only true God, we will  walk in His Spirit  today.  This precious
divine gift - God's  Holy Spirit  residing in us, His people in
Christ Jesus His Son - provides yet additional help toward
shining as His Ambassadors during these end of days.

May we make  NO  provision for the flesh but rather take full
advantage of HIS resources such that we endure - in all 
aspects of life today - unto His glory and praise. 



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