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A  NOTE  regarding our  next blog ...

In our February, 2018 commentary blog  (CB2D;18)
we highlighted  crucial  end-time  THEMES  unfolding
in global culture today.  Please view this important blog.

In this May, 2018 commentary blog we are highlighting,
in similar fashion to blog  CB2D;18 (and weekly blogs:
B1;18 - B13;18),  CHRONOLOGICAL  end-time concerns.

Although we posted  End Time Waves of Bible Prophecy
years ago -  CLICK HERE  for a recent repost of this fun
handout - we discern the need to further elaborate on the
2nd Wave  this Spring Quarter.

Due to the  15 (ct.)  Wave 2  entries on the CB3C;18 handout
linked immediately above, we've created a separate "Wave 2" 
document.  CLICK HERE  to view this new, most helpful
Wave 2  discipleship handout.


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A BIG-PICTURE, End Time  Reality Check  -  Part 2 

To be honored with the privilege of being a part of the unfolding
of end-time  Bible  prophecy is such an awe-filled blessing.  God
is faithful to His Word!

The following brings a wee bit of commentary to our 2nd Quarter
weekly blog posts :

As was the case concerning prophetic details about the 1st Coming
of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible includes  scores  of chronological
predictions detailing His  2nd Coming.  The Word of God is indeed
miraculously  forever powerful and true - see blogs  B14;18  &

In its (that is, the Bible's) pages, we find clear end-time predicted
signs which  foretell  Christ's soon coming.  While some of the early
signs have already taken place, additional signs are unfolding today!

A couple  fair  questions  emerge  at this juncture:

Yes, the Bible's predictions are amazing, but ...
What's on the  near horizon,  biblically speaking?
What will be taking place this  next  decade?

Here are some  key  prophetic events which need to be
included on the  what's next  page of the Bible's end-time 
calendar (not always listed below in exact chronological 
order given the explicit Bible data with which we have to
work) :

~  The 3rd Seal of Revelation 6 will be broken/opened.
     (see blog  B18:18)

~  According to Daniel 7,  ten kings  will be a part of the final
     (end-time) global system.  (see  B15;18)  Three of these
     kings will be  plucked out / subdued  - vv. 8, 24 - by the
     little horn (the antichrist).  B16;18  This action will also 
     help discerning people  know  the  debut of the antichrist.
     (see  B19;18)

~  The "exactor of tribute" (the tax imposer) of Daniel 11:21
     will also be tied to an event which immediately precedes 
     the revealing of the antichrist - see blog  B21;18.  Because
     our God is great (B17;18 - repetition for the sake of sincere
     emphasis),  knows  the future (B20;18)  and  because He
     cares for humanity, He has  forewarned  us about eternally
     significant events which will put  all  mankind - living in those
     days (coming this decade!) - in great  harms' way.  BEWARE!

The predicted signs, which will indeed unfold due to God's faithful
Word, will continue ...

~  Seals 4 & 5 will be opened. (see  B22;18)

~  The Daniel 9:27 Covenant will prompt even greater tribulation,
     eventually even  war  against God's Saints. (see blog  B23;18)

~  The  setting up of the Abomination of Desolation  will unleash 
     a period of time the Bible calls the "great tribulation."  (see
     blog  B24;18)

AFTER  the  daily sacrifices  are taken away (this is yet future to
this blog ; around the time the Covenant is made), a 1,290-day
period of great opposition against God's people - including both
Old and New Covenant Saints - will unfold.  (Daniel 12:11  teaches
a period of 1,290 days takes place  between  the taking away of 
the daily offerings  and  the setting up of the Abomination of 

Once the Abomination of Desolation is set up - toward the tail
end of the  war against the Saints  - great tribulation will unfold,
but only for a short duration - possibly until the 1,335th day of
Daniel 12:12.  (also see Mt. 24:22 as to the supernatural 
shortening of the great tribulation)


Call:  Those who affirm the present-day  realities  and the
          soon-coming events mentioned above are called to
          respond to these things - in part - in two ways:

          1.  Let's consider  practical  actions in light of these
               things, for our personal well being -  CLICK HERE
               and note the right column for  YOU  to fill in ;
          2.  Let's be in His Word for present-day insight as
               to  how  best to live for Christ Jesus this next 
               decade - see blog  B25;18.

Jesus Christ calls His people to be  ready  for His return.  We
can excel in this by heeding His Counsel found in His Word.
May we be doers of His Word, and not hearers only - see
Revelation 1:1-3 which  includes  this  exhortation tied to His 
special blessing:  " ... and KEEPS those things ..."  unto His 
glory and praise  and  unto our best interests!  




Faulty  ASSUMPTIONS  Can Kill Us ... Or ...

Faulty assumptions can kill us, or, at the very least, they 
could move us toward a  posture-of-perspective  which 
potentially puts us in harm's way.

~  Introduction

Most of us tend to think our dearly held beliefs ... our points of
view ... and the convictions we hold, etc., are right - especially
if these mindsets and attitudes have been in place for some
time.  But what  IF  we're wrong?  Or  IF  our understandings
need refinement?  Or  IF  errors need correcting?

How do we get to the place before our Lord God where His
Spirit will reveal the issues ... open our eyes and ears and
hearts and minds to  know  and understand His Truths
rightly?  Perfectly?

Recalling many of these blogs - including this one - are
especially intended for sincere followers of Jesus Christ ...

For sure, we think you'd agree that genuine desire to know
and live His Word, humility of spirit, earnest prayer and
diligently seeking His face day by day must all be a part
of the equation of  walk with God.  So with all of these
elements highlighted, let's look more deeply into what
He  has to say about crucial end-time sign events.

Let's consider, in this blog, the timing as to  WHEN  the
1.  Birth Pains  of Matthew 24:4-8  begin  taking place;
2.  Seals  of Revelation 6  begin  taking place.

So as to avoid  losing our way,  we need to reiterate this:
It must be the  Word of God  which serves as our reliable
guide in this inquiry.  This means, in part, we affirm the
clearly stated information of the pertinent texts and avoid
wandering on the paths of  interpretive speculation.

~  This blog's  main point  exemplified ...

The following is another factual, biblical observation which
serves to at least  question  this dangerous assumption:

"From a  futurist's  perspective, the main bulk of  eschatological
themes and events takes place during a final 7-year period
commonly referred to as  the 70th Week of Daniel."

The quote above is  NOT  taught in Scripture.  It is, what we
believe on the grounds of Bible data, a faulty  assumption  which,
if indeed incorrect, puts folks who hold this non-biblical tenet in
grave danger of being  ill-prepared.

"How so?"  one might fairly ask.

We'd like to use the  Pre-Wrath Rapture  view as the position
which seems to hold this view - this assumption.  We do so
because this view teaches, specific to the quote above, extra-
biblical tenets which actually do foster ill-preparedness.

For example, have you read the first part of the new series (in
Zion's Fire  magazine)  titled  "Rapture & Wrath:  Ready or Not?"
(March/April, 2018 edition)

If you have, did you discern one (of multiple) extra-biblical
assumptions  in the view as diagrammed on pages 12 & 13 
of the article ... also taught on their diagram of the Pre-Wrath
Rapture position at the bottom of page 9 of the same 
magazine edition?

The view teaches the  "Beginning of Sorrows"  begins  when
the antichrist signs the Daniel 9:27 Covenant.  BUT  this is
an extra-biblical - we believe an un-biblical - presumption!

NOwhere in the whole of Scripture do we find the teaching
that the  birth pains  of Mt. 24:4-8  begin  at the time of the 
signing of the Covenant.

Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches there is a time of birth pains,
yes,  BUT  never teaches this  "time of sorrows"  is a part of
the final 7-year period before His 2nd Advent to the earth -

This faulty assumption - again, that the birth pains are a part
of the 7-year end time period (Daniel's 70th Week) - of the
Pre-Wrath advocates is dangerous for this very reason:

It  fosters an attitude  and/or  postures folks  toward a state 
of ill-preparedness due to a false assumption concerning 
early signs.

Again, "How so?"  one could (and should) ask.

MANY  today believe the end-time birth pains of Mt. 24 are
already upon us.  In light of global signs, this view (that the
time of sorrows has already begun) is most viable - that yes,
indeed, the end-time  birth pains  have begun and continue
to unfold today.

And yet, the Daniel 9:27 Covenant has  NOT  been signed
to date.  This Covenant signing is a yet-future event!

We raise this concern because we sincerely  care  about
our Lord's instructions to be ready in light of the signs.  As
the initial signs come/unfold, there are other signs which
follow - signs taking place  before  the initial appearing of
our Lord Jesus as accounted in Matthew 24:30 and 
Revelation 6:14-17.

We  care  for God's people in Jesus Christ who have
been called to be  rightly  ready for our Lord's return.

If we believe the birth pains are  NOT  upon us today (one
of the  assumptions  we're questioning in this blog), what
does our Lord mean when He teaches these are  early
end-time signs? 

These  birth-pain  signs  precede :

1.  the  tribulation  of Mt. 24:9-22
2.  the astronomical signs of Mt. 24:29
3.  the sign of the Son of Man in Mt. 24:30   and
4.  the trumpets of Revelation 8 - 11.

The above signs take place  before  His final trumpet rapture
gathering of His Church, a gathering which occurs at the  last
trumpet!  (see I Cor. 15:51, 52; Mt. 24:31; Rev. 11:15ff and

But this is only the  first  faulty, unbiblical  assumption  of the
Pre-Wrath position.  We present a fair second observation
(citing a second extra-biblical presupposition):

In fairness to the Pre-Wrath advocates, we should restate
our source:  The following is also diagrammed in the March/
April 2018 edition of  Zion's Fire :

The two-page Pre-Wrath chart places the Seals in such a way
as to teach the  assumption  with which we're concerned -
namely, that the Seals, in this second example,  begin  at the
time the Covenant is signed.  BUT what does our authority
for faith and practice explicitly teach? 

The Bible  NEVER  teaches the early Seals of Revelation 6
take place  during  Daniel's 70th Week!  This is yet another
assumption  on the part of the Pre-Wrath (PW) advocates.

Once again, these 2 popular  but  faulty assumptions are:

1.  the  time of sorrows  begins  when the Covenant is signed
     and continues to unfold during Daniel's 70th Week ;
2.  the  Seals  begin  to be opened when the Covenant is signed
     and  continue to be opened during Daniel's 70th Week.

It's here where we make a simple appeal:

Our claim (that the first part of these 2 premises are incorrect)
can be 
easily  rebutted!  Simply show us  EXPLICIT  Bible evi-
dence that our observations - that these two assumptions are
just that, assumed without biblical warrant - are incorrect.  In 
other words, all the PW advocates need to do in response
to this concern is to provide Bible data which confirms their
assumptions!  Pretty easy to do  IF  there are clear biblical
passages which teach their PW view!  But there are NOT!

WHY  do we raise this concern regarding end-time, extra-
biblical  assumptions ?

Think about it, please.  IF  the  birth pains  and  early Seals
begin to unfold   BEFORE  Daniel's 70th Week - which some,
with evidence, are suggesting and which are unfolding in 
global culture today - then one's end time view is  changed
such that one would live  differently,  today,  given the signs
taking place all around us!

As we have stated in past blogs  and  in our handouts which
we provide during our  live  presentations,  we prepare
according to the end-time view we espouse!
  Our Lord
calls us to prepare  rightly.

One question before we conclude: 

Do we  prepare  correctly - on the basis of an explicitly
Bible-based end time view?

~  Conclusion

May we be humble in spirit enough to go back to our Lord's
Word for instruction as to living for Jesus Christ during these
end of days - days  just prior  to the final 7 years as outlined
in our proposal (for prayerful and exegetical consideration).
CLICK HERE  for the proposal.




We  KNOW !  -  Rejecting The Bondages Of  Dumb-Down

When will we  know  - biblically speaking - some of the popular end-
time positions are  incorrect ?

1.  Preterit             We know - today - this view (including both full and 
     Eschatology     partial preterism) is  incorrect  as an end-time view
                                because Jesus Christ has not yet returned and 
                                because the end-time signs (as explicitly informed
                                by biblical Truth) are unfolding - today!

2.  Traditional       We know - today - this view is incorrect due to the
      Post-Trib         faulty  definition of Daniel's 70th Week which most
                               Post Tribulationalists often embrace.  The historical
                               Post Tribulational end-time view is incorrect because
                               Jesus Christ teaches this:  There are end-time events
                               which  follow  the close of the tribulation.  Click Here
                               for specifics.

3.  Evolving          Note:  The "We Have A Problem" diagram (posted at
      Pre-Trib                     the "Click Here" link immediately above)  also
      Rapture                      applies to most Pre-Trib positions, though
                                          some changes in the general position continue
                                          taking place.

                              We  know  the Pre-Trib view is  incorrect  because the
                              Word of God speaks to the contrary.  For examples,
                              Click Here.

                              We will also  further  know this view is incorrect when
                              the antichrist makes his public debut and the real (that
                              is, the biblical) tribulation and great tribulation against
                              the elect unfold.  This is a period of time which will also
                              include "the war against the saints."  When the  little 
                              horn / man of lawlessness  comes on the scene, the
                              Church will further know, without doubt, the Pre-Trib
                              Rapture view is incorrect.  (Please note:  Some within
                              the worldly church will deny the antichrist due to great
                              deceptions unfolding during this time.  Some will deny
                              we are in the tribulation period  though  the Bible evi-
                              dences (that is, cultural signs in light of biblical data)
                              will be clear.  Don't  listen to these false teachers 
                              which the Bible predicts will appear!

4.  Pre-Wrath       We will  know  this view is incorrect when the Rapture
     Rapture            fails  to occur immediately after heavenly signs take
                               place.  (see Mt. 24:29, 30 ; Rev. 6:12-17)  In other words,
                               when,  1) the astronomical signs (of Mt. 24:29 and
                               Rev. 6:12, 13) appear, followed by,  2) the Sign of the
                               Son of Man (Mt. 24:30 and Rev. 6:14-17)  ...  when
                               these two heavenly events are NOT immediately
                               followed by the Rapture event, then we will  know,
                               without doubt, the Pre-Wrath Rapture view is also

In seeking to be fair, we go on to ask the same question about the Final
Trumpet Rapture Gathering  view:  When will we  know  the Final Trumpet
Rapture Gathering position is incorrect?

We will  know  the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering is incorrect  IF  the
rapture happens before the tribulation and great tribulation of Mt. 24:9-22.
We will also  know  this view is incorrect  IF  the rapture fails to take place
at the last of the Revelation trumpets - before the bowls of wrath are
delivered.  (see I Cor. 15:51, 52 and Rev. 11)

We conclude this commentary blog with this familar, practical question:
WHY  do we raise these fair concerns?

We do so because we sincerely care!
We do so because we have been called by God  to be ready,  informed
by a  TRUE  eschatological perspective.  Incorrect end-time views lead 
to ill-preparedness.  For example, ponder yet another popular end-time
view:  Pan-Mil / Pan-Trib, a view often teaching it will all pan out in the
end so we don't have to concern ourselves with end-time matters.  WOW!
How many will be unprepared - who will fail to  watch  as our Lord has
clearly Counseled - in the context of  this  faulty, half-truth perspective!?
Our Lord tells us to be ready for His return and this includes our being
ready for the early part of the Day of the Lord when the trumpet blasts

May we be  ready  and  watchful  in light of God's explicit caring Counsel
to His sheep in Christ.  May we heed His instruction to watch!  Our Lord
was so clear in Mark 13:37 and Rev. 2 & 3 (especially note Rev. 3:2, 3) !

For those wishing continued edification (unto greater Christ-
likeness) through our  ARCHIVED  Commentary Blogs,  please